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Whiterose Taxi Company

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      This gang begin with three mans who part-timed as a Taxi Driver in Los Santos, these man also known as Vio, Dem and The Grandfather, who then known as the founder of Whiterose Taxi bad Company. These man start to hang out and waiting an order from costumer near car showroom at El Corona, as times goes by, these community begin bigger and wider, more and more taxi driver come to join and make this community even more common to public. As the community grow, they moved their 'base' to a large parking area behind Unity Station, and continue their routine activity there. Until one day, one of them thought to start another business to bring in more profits, everyone agreed, this is where when it all began. The Grandfather propose one name, and that is "Whiterose", and because of their background are taxi drivers, they added "Taxi Company" to it. Whiterose Taxi bad Company is a crime-based organization who used a madeup name "Taxi Company" as an effort to avoid getting caught by law enforcement, they also use a common car used by legal Taxi Driver to make their effort  even better.






      Since Unity Station is a busy and crowded area where people coming from other region, which makes illegal business is impossible to do in a crowded area like that, their 'base' once again moved to a certain location but still located in El Corona district, this location is perfect to facilitate the activities of assembling and producing weapons which then will be sold to local gang or person who just want to have a gun, this place is quite closed that they believe will hide them from local law enforcement. This criminal organitation also provides other services such as bodyguard or escorting VIP person to places within a certain period of time, of course they do that to be get paid with dollars for later used to party or hanging out together, beside these addition to money, Whiterose Taxi Company also usually do touring around the cities to show that they are actually a good community even though they didnt.



( The story may continue over time )

















IC :

- Tentu saja family ini berbasis ILLEGAL
- Wajib memiliki Cabbie/Taxi
- Diutamakan bisa berkumpul pada sore atau malam hari
- Diwajibkan bagi anggota untuk mengikuti / ikut berperan dalam kegiatan transaksi / yang lainnya
- RAS tidak ditentukan

- Apabila ingin bergabung dipersilakan mencari kami disekitaran El Corona, persyaratan dan tes lainnya akan diberitahukan pada saat ingin bergabung



- Wajib membaca dan memahami rules yang berlaku di JGRP
- Bahasa yang digunakan adalah Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris

- Wajib mengedit SS sebelum diaplod ke thread fam, GUIDE SS ada dibawah
- Diutamakan mempunyai WA / Discord untuk menghindari obrolan OOC yang tidak perlu di dalam game
- Pertanyaan dan saran lain bisa pm saya @Alfino Vio








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Setelah dirundingkan dengan Admin Krenshaw di ingame, diputuskan Fam ini tidak bisa dilanjutkan dan dengan itu Thread Fam ini dipersilakan untuk di lock & archive atau dihapus, dan selanjutnya Fam kami akan diganti nama dengan story dan latar belakang yang baru. Terimakasih.

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