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Adept Criminals AC

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      Skilled criminals or briefly air-conditioning are a group of people who are good at doing criminals in forest areas that still have not been released by the police, this group is very clever in carrying out the tasks given by the Chairman named Xon because it rarely met by some parties from citizens or police because the group is very active in moving the position of residence and looking for information about the police officers who are The entrance of the villains headquarters Adept and the CCTV monitor screen is monitored by two men named Balson and Euroson both men 24 hours monitor the CCTV monitor screen to be able to know who wants to get into the AC headquarters or Adept Criminals, entrance to the AC headquarters or Adept Criminals but one way only so it is very difficult in cross with public transportation only that could be offroad vehicles because the road is quite a lot of sharp stone and broken glass after to the security group AC or Adept Criminals.


      In the year 2019 this group is very clever because it can make a long barrel fire weapon type of AK47 that can only be on a raft by an old deer hunter wearing the cowboy hats of science that he had is very important for air conditioning because the person gave a considerable income in one month the income sells different types of firearms thousands of dollars because it's a cowboy hat hunter is very in , need by the AC group, this old hunter named Uncle Son who lived in the forest hinterland located in the border area of Mount Chiliad Mountain slope that keeps the equipment and raw materials of the weapons making long barrel only, this old Hunter is very unwilling to give his knowledge to the AC members because this hunter is very confidential the science that he had that is to make a long barrel guns that rarely others can to make , a lot of things happened on December 30, 2019 by this group of AC because every year there was a rainstorm and then all the AC groups left the forest and the environment in the little House to protect themselves from the huge rainstorm, then all the AC members were exiled to the city of Los Santos in an empty warehouse.




      After a long wait for the right time to make another move to the bad news forest that was delivered in Los Santos television broadcast that the small house that was inhabit by the AC group was buried by the ground that caused the small house to be destroyed by a dirt, Xon begins to panic in the news that the story includes the small house news that Xon is thinking about that day because in the small house it saves a mother of material that is in the grave in the tomb of the Underground Just one material tall Xon and his friend panicked at the news when the police found the material that little House would be sealed by the police, then Xon and his companions agreed not to travel back to the forest again because it was no longer safe to keep in the forest again. On 1 January 2020 Xon saw another news broadcast by television Los Santos if a fire-fighting woman found fifty thousand material in the ground one meterial high then Xon and the members were very upset and not all the material was caught by the police and fire fires and until now all groups of AC or Adept Criminals still live in an empty warehouse in the border areas of Idlewood and El Corona in favor of an entire AC group Adept Criminals.


1.Bisa bermain peran serta paham semua Rules dan Guide familly Gang/Server.

2.Bisa mengatur waktu yang tepat untuk melakukan posting laporan, wajib ada konfirmasi, baru di posting.

3.Wajib mempunyai Facebook/Whatsapp/Telegram untuk diskusi para anggota.

4.Wajib Change Name bila di perlukan.

5.Dilarang keras menggunakan file program ilegal.


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50 post requirement, tapi kamu junking semua isinya.
Jangan buat thread lagi atau diban 7 hari dari forum, locked.

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