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[CN] Josh Bryan to Tyrese Davis (azka)

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Nama UCP: azka

Nama Character lama: Josh Bryan

Nama Character baru: Tyrese Davis

Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: United States of America

Alasan penggantian nama:

Menghapus crime record

Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity':









SS Level









Bukti screenshot CK:



Story CK



Josh has a girlfriend named Farah, they met in a club, they have been dating for almost 2 months, but they barely see each other because of work. Farah is only a 21 years old college student, looking like a Russian native female, and has an uncle named Juan Mendaz, but her uncle usually comes home after the dark. Days after days, Josh is getting closer and closer to Farah, but they never do a sexual intercourse, so Josh would always find a way to get himself satisfied, by going out to the Pig Pen to hire the service of an escort. Last night, Josh took Farah out to the movie, and drove her home, he asked about her uncle, and she said her uncle is still at work, probably won't be home tomorrow either.


Knowing that Farah's uncle is not going to be home tomorrow, Josh has a plan to get Farah's virginity, so he waited a day. Later today, Josh called Farah, and asked to be invited over her house, Farah agrees and said that Josh could come anytime, so Josh took off and head straight to Farah's house, he also brought 10 grams of coke on him. The door was unlocked, so he went straight inside the house and met Farah, they both kissed a little, talk a little, and then Josh offers Farah to snort up some coke with him.


Farah refuses Josh offers about the coke, she's not really into the night life and doesn't really drink, so Josh ran out of idea to make her passed out, he pulled Farah's hand by force, leading her to the bed room, he then slams Farah to the bed, and rips her cloth, and Farah was screaming for help, and asking him to stop. In the end they are having a sexual intercourse, and things went side when uncle Juan came home, and head Farah was screaming for help. Uncle Juan when straight up to the bed room, and saw Farah was being raped by Josh, Josh turns his body 360 degrees, and faces Juan.


Josh didn't think much of an option, so he rushes and jumps Juan on the spot, and for the record, Josh was a trained boxer, Josh finally knocks Juan back to the couch, Juan then quickly gets up, and pulled out a pocket knife, stabbing Josh in the body multiple times. Josh is screaming in pain, and head straight to the door, but he got tackled by a sofa over by the living room, he fell down on the ground, his head hits a concrete walls, Juan came over and Josh tried to take the knife off Juan's hand, Juan stabs Josh one more time just to give him warning, he's not playing around. Josh lost so much blood, that when the paramedics arrived, they couldn't save him, they were multiples stab wound on his body, neck and severe damage on the nerves.





















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