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  1. Tyrese Davis Tyrese Davis was born on 1995, in Long Beach, California. Tyrese was raised by his grandfather and grandmother, as his parents were killed in a car accident 2 weeks after he was born, Tyrese never knew or have the chance to get to know his parents, that's why he never felt any love from anyone, but his grandfather and grandmother. Overtime, Tyrese developed an emotional personality where he tends to get angry over simple things, he eventually went to a public high school, and he have made a lot of friends through sports. He is standing 6'5 tall, has a tattoo on his neck, and chest that says "Double D" and he was the captain of the football varsity team, 2 times gold medal in Wrestling, by that time he was such a hotshot, he started hanging out with boys of his age from high school, growing up in Long Beach is never so easy for everyone, they would hustle for money everyday. Tyrese got into selling drugs at the age of 17, he would sell 2 zip of weed, in just 2 days, he made some good money, and decided to spent it all on the Jordans. He also started hanging out with a real gangbanger, and some local OGs, at that time, he was committed to be a part of the crips, his friends jumped him on the spot. Lucky him, he survived the beatings, and he passed the test of being a crips, since then he always made a lot of problem. He went out with his friends, riding in blue, and went around to the crenshaw area, shouting and promoting crips culture everywhere he goes. He even went around on foot, around the crenshaw area, and always tried to pick up a fight with a random stranger, eventually he messed around with a real OG of Crenshaw Mafia Bloods, he got jumped by the bloods on the spot. The very next day, Tyrese drive over to where he got jumped, and he saw the guy that jumped him, he lift up his bottom shirt, and pulled out a colt .45 and just brutally shot everyone on the spot, he ran to his car and went straight back to his house. Eventually the OG that he shot, is not dead but is wounded on the arm, he went to the Long Beach, and found out where Tyrese lived. 2 days were passed, on Friday, Tyrese went to school, and the Crenshaw Mafia went to in front of his house, armed with UZIs and Tec-9, and straight up shooting at the house for a solid minute. Tyrese came home from school, and saw a lot of people were surrounding his house, and saw a police line. He saw his grandfather, and grandmother died, with bullet holes all over their bodies. It was so brutal, it affected him mentally, he got really angry, and bought an AK47, loaded with 2 rounds of magazines. He drove back to where he got jumped, and the local OGs were hanging out drinking beers, he pulled out an AK47 from his trunk, and started blasting them, spending all of his rounds on them. After that incident, he is nowhere to be found, some has it that he went to Los Santos and settled in the El Corona area, made a living by being a mechanic. Questions Tujuan membuat character story: Ingin memasuki suatu faction. Account UCP yang saya miliki: azka Account Forum yang saya miliki: $Azka$ Berapa lama saya sudah main di JGRP: 2 tahun lebih Saya biasa main JGRP di: Hanya di rumah Saya Azka selaku pemilik account UCP azka bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Tyrese Davis) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  2. Character: Josh Bryan Waktu & Tanggal: 04/20/2020 Barang yang dibutuhkan: 8400 component Saya membutuhkan refund karena: Jadi semalem jam 12 saya ambil 1600 component dari garasi pribadi saya, harusnya di garasi masih ada 8400 component lagi, nah, pas sore ini, tepatnya 16:38 saya mau coba ambil component dari garasi saya, ternyata ilang, saya gatau kenapa tibatiba ilang, bisa di download dari chat log saya. Berikut adalah bukti yang berupa screenshot / video: Berikut adalah bukti chatlog:
  3. oh ini yang waktu itu rap battle di pig pen wkkw, semangat bro.
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