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Long Street Racers

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General Description About Long Street Racers
LSR is an association of drifters from Asia that involves problems with the police, this club is very illegal because every night is the right time to be together. they are very aggressive but, are trained in the ability to bring their favorite cars. Although this association is only for fun with drifts, some smuggle illegal goods. And we also feel that name in prison very often, but it will not end here. Our clubs have many JDM cars like Supra, GTR, Toyota, and others.


LSR is not big in Japan because the lack of popularity makes our relationship not too big, because our popularity is very small. We made a base that was conducive enough to be safe from the police and also safe, Jimmy as the leader of the drift association really enjoyed his activities by gathering with his friends, Frankie Snynder. They both become associate administrators and manage them. One day Jimmy heated up a Nissan GTR R-34 and then a homeless man arrived in a very classic AE86 car.


The man approached Jimmy who was heating his car, then the man said "let's both of us" then Jimmy accepted the man's invitation and immediately rushed to Tandem in the mountains of Japan. After the match ended and the man won the tandem. Then the man approached again and shook hands with Jimmy who said "get to know me Frankie" the year of their friendship that did not fall and Jimmy had plans to create a club and eventually all the members gathered and the association was called Long Street Racers.

after becoming an association we thought about where we could do floating activities. Then an idea came into Jimmy's head, which was in the mountains which had extreme extremities and sharp turns, of course his friends would not be afraid. And we chose to make headquarters in the city because of that
mountain impossible.

Rules Section :

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-Family ini berbasis ILLEGAL
-Semua anggota bisa berkumpul di MH untuk melakukan latihan
-Di Malam hari anggota wajib kumpul
-Semua anggota harus memenuhi syarat masuk family ini dan juga untuk para new recruitment.
-Tidak diperbolehkan cutting/pitting saat melakukan latihan/balapan, hukuman jeda 2hari balapan.
-Dipastikan kamu sudah punya SIM driving yang aktif dan plate mobil.
-Jika ada new member atau new recruitment wajib berkenalan dengan yang lain.
-The car must be from Japan (JDM).

-Jika anda atau rekan-rekan ingin gabung silahkan bertemu kami Dimarket.


OOC Section :

-No trolling anytime.
-Dipastikan sudah tau rules-rules JGRP berikut.
-Wajib laporan/setor SS minimal 4x seminggu.
-Wajib ikut RolePlay dengan L.S.R
-Usahakan bisa RolePlay dunia mobil.
-Anggota wajib bisa menggunakan WA dan discord untuk voice chat.
-Jika tidak bisa In Game atau hal penting bisa Warnet, saya melalui Whatssap.



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Jangan buat thread gang sebelum punya anggota, dan referensi untuk RP.

Saya harap kamu bisa join faction yang sudah ada terlebih dahulu untuk mendapatkan pengalaman.

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