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116th Corona SanderStand

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        Corona 116 is a gang that is famous for its crimes and this gang has a special privacy is the smuggling of illegal weapons and drugs Corona members there are 12 people who have a very cruel and sadistic criminal, Corona gang has a headquarters in El Corona Los Santos that needs to be near before the workshop, in 1982 there was a war between gangs namely the Corona and Dock gangs. During this war no one won and finally they were all disbanded and now the Corona owner wants to rebuild this gang with completion.



          person called by Adrian by Corona members, Adrian was the one who managed to escape from war between gangs and he was arrested by members of SAPD in his house Adrian in prison 12 years according to the article after 12 years Adrian was out of prison and proceed to personal as deputy chairman of Corona gang, Adrian in 1990 he planned to build the Corona gang back from the name 116th El Corona Sunder so 116th Corona SunderStand and Adrian gathered all his friends to join.



      After 116th Corona 2-year-old gang Adrian became increasingly old and died in 1992 and OG Corona's inheritance was given to Olivier, Olivier was a man assigned by Adrian to sell illegal goods and bribe to SAPD members, and after Olivier became OG from Corona Olivier wants progress from that alley to attack another alley. In 1994 the Corona attack on the gang in Glean Park took a heavy toll and civilians were frightened because of a gun battle between the Corona and Glean Park gangs, the battle was won by Corona. One day Olivier got a customer who ordered weapons and drugs out of town at the Corona headquarters on guard just 4 people, Corona members off guard at midnight Corona members were kidnapped by other gangs and killed and burned.

Corona's headquarters fell apart after Olivier came back and Olivier planned to take revenge The next story continues in the characters.


Recruitment Member's akan di buka sekarang dan silahkan Isi formulirnya.


OOC Information:

  • Mematuhi semua peraturan yang ada di game ini.
  • Kami berhak meminta anda untuk CK'ED sewaktu waktu.
  • Masuk ke faction harus mengisi formulir dan reply di thread ini.
  • Bila tidak mau mematuhi peraturan faction maupun peraturan OOC akan di kick.
  • Setor ss seminggu minimal 3 ss.
  • Kumpul faction ini dari jam 10 pagi.
  • Bila ingin mengirim Video pada thread ini harus PM terlebih dahulu kepada @lukmangg atau @Salmanyzz.
  • Kami memakai Group Whatsapp untuk berkomunikasihttps://chat.whatsapp.com/KUMKp0HioLZBQGESUnpwVA
  • Kami juga memakai Discord untuk berkomunikasi (2)
  • Berikut Formulir untuk mendaftar :


Nama asli : Muhammad Lukman Insani

Nama ingame : •••••_Adrian

Alasa Ingin bergabung : Saya ingin meningkatkan beroeplay saya.

Siap untuk mematuhi peraturan : (Yes) Yes/No

Berapa lama anda ingame : (1jam-2jam-3jam atau 4jam) [6jam perhari]

Apakah bisa anda ingame pada jam 9-10 pagi : Bisa/Tidak (jika tidak bisa tolong beri alasannya) [Bisa]


Question and Answer :

Q : Apakah ini ber ras America?

   A : iya ini ras america.

Q : Apakah ini harus berbahasa inggris?

   A : Iya mas, tapi kita belajar bersama untuk memahaminya.

Q : Apakah harus memakai nama America ?

   A : Kita lihat namanya kalau cocok di faction ini tidak usah CK.

Q : Dan apakah ini harus kumpul setiap hari ?

   A : Tidak juga tapi harus memberi alasan yang jelas.


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