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  1. saya terus terang dulu juga sering dibully gan, tapi setelah join Ironskin Legion™, saya punya temen sekarang gan join aja udah gan
  2. saya punya temen nigga gan di server sebelah, saya gak berani panggil nigga cuman saya panggil "item"
  3. Character: Reginald Cobb Story: Reginald "Reggie" Cobb during one of the Ironskin rallies. The night was young, so was Reggie, he tend the bar per as usual, expected nothing at all, it was an everyday's chore, nothing special about it, but that night was something different, he felt chill down in his spine, he never had it before, that's what made him confused, what is this anomaly? He received a call, his parents told him the unforgivable truth, his older brother was shot dead by a mugger on his school for fighting back. The young Reggie didn't how to react to that, he stall for some minutes, unconsciously ignored the patron who orders. He throws the towel off his shoulder, walk out without notifying his boss. He arrived at home, saw his parents hugging and crying hysterically, calling out his brother's name, it was the night he will never forget, ever. Facts laid before Reggie, the assailant was a black student from the same class of his brother, fueled his newfound hatred for the colored people. Reggie saw no more point to continue his academic study in Engineering, everything in his head is nothing but hatred, revenge, and pain. He dropped out of the college, instead begun his journey on the path he would never think about it. White supremacy caught his attention, the ideas matched his newfound principality, the idea of white America enlighten him and he knew, by eradicating non-White influences over his country, it will be a very massive revenge. Reggie hang around over the designated sites of local hub of white supremacy activities and got along with the figures, supporting and igniting forces of change toward the rise of white Americans, with a very ambitious goal in mind, to exterminate, eradicate the colored who take white American's food, job, and life, like the life they took of his brother. Reggie arrived in Los Santos, which he revised as Saint Andrew, to be a agent of change for his ideals and cause. Saya viking24 selaku pemilik account UCP meinhardiner bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Reginald Cobb) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  4. Hah? Lu siapa? Inget aja nggak gimana bisa lupa. @Soldado31
  5. I guess I'm back for this shit.
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