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  1. THE MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE Jean Constantine, once an infamous mafia from the United Kingdom running the drug business and arms trafficking. He built a legacy there with two of his friends Javier Leocardio and Denver Carillo making them the wealthiest mafia of United Kingdom at that time. But then their drug cartels rivals started a war towards Jean's family that led to a chaos, murders of police officers, judges, locals, politicians and the loss of their own family member. After that accident, they found themself in adverse conditions where all of the cops are after Jean's head for taking a responsibility of the war. After some high family member meeting, Jean and his friends decided to move their business to Los Santos where the demands of drugs and arms are higher. They changed their identity, faked their passports and move what was left to Los Santos. Arriving at Los Santos, Jean contacted his old friend Bryan Chriz to meet up and talk about his illegal business. Knowing that Bryan has a crew of street racers called the “Los Santos Street Knights” that has been famously known for their crimes of pursuits and armed robbery; he finally made up a deal with Bryan to run his business in Los Santos. Bryan agreed with that deal hoping that he will gain more wealth and power for him and his crew. He soon gathers his crew and recruits more street racer to join his crew from all around Los Santos and soon his crew grew larger. Now his crew is no longer about street racing only, but now they run business on drugs and arms dealing. CHAPTER ONE: THE HEIST Jean and his friends have moved to Los Santos to start their illegal business all over again because their business at United Kingdom was a total chaos. Jean had made a deal with Bryan Chriz to run their drugs and arms business. Their first shipment of their drugs and arms has arrived safely to Los Santos. Bryan Chriz soon assigned Austin Germillo to gather all of their crews to prepare them with the drugs and arms that has arrived. Every crew was given a task to sell those drugs and arms throughout Los Santos knowing that demands of these things were high. Everything went well as planned, the business went very well. The crew finally got the cash to upgrade and build a proper race car and are now fully equipped, but then something happened. Jean’s cartel rival was shipping their arms and drugs to Los Santos and will be delivered from Bay Side via truck at midnight. Knowing that, The Crew is given a mission to steal the container from their rivals so that they can’t continue their business on Los Santos. Bryan prepares his crew and set plans for the heist. He set up a team that is qualified for the mission and quickly went to Bay Side. Bryan and his team successfully stole the truck and delivered it to their secret warehouse to be prepared for distribution throughout Los Santos (Chapter lain akan diupdate sesuai alur Roleplay) INFORMATION Family ini ada kumpulan street racer yang bekerja untuk mafia, berbasis ILLEGAL. Family ini biasa melakukan roleplay tengah malam. Niat untuk melakukan roleplay. Wajib menghargai sesama member. Wajib mengetahui rules server JGRP. Wajib mematuhi rules family ini. Dilarang menggunakan cheat atau program illegal. Apabila anda sudah join dan melakukan betrayal atau hal yang merugikan, kami berhak untuk men-CK kalian. Wajib memiliki Whatsapp untuk berkomunikasi sesama lain. Tidak menerima faction jumper atau dual faction. Recruitment dilakukan secara IC so go find us. Semua member wajib setor ss minimal 3x seminggu. Memiliki pemahaman tentang dunia mobil dan dunia mafia. - WE ONLY ROLL MIDNIGHT - Untuk kritik dan saran bisa PM saya @Bryan_Chriz
  2. paling enak dah modloader bisa ganti ganti mod mobil sambil ingame.
  3. yang bikin sidejob bus driver rame ga ketulungan.
  4. kadang juga heran, why so much energy on finding other mistakes sampe dibawa ke foum. Biasanya yang PPKO punya dendam IC sampe dibawa OOC.
  5. lagian kalau sering lihat pursuit IRL di Amerika, ngejar satu mobil bisa sampe 10 mobil polisi lebih.
  6. tapi kadang polisi masih ada yang suka gitu, jadinya semua orang nyontoh aplagi yang jarang lihat forum. tapi masih ada polisi yang seperti itu akhirnya jadi contoh buat player lain atau yang masih awam.
  7. tapi ga menutup mata ada player yang mentang mentan ada temen admin jadi suka seenaknya sendiri.
  8. kadang malah gua kasih tumpangan sama ngasih tau tempat kerja dimana aja. Soalnya dulu pernah ada yang ngajarin gua pas masih newbie tapi gua lupa orangnya siapa.
  9. hip hop juga jadi culture disana.
  10. paling suka deh kalau lihat club motor touring.
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