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  1. Maaf bukan bermaksud ngejunk. Bukanya ini hanya kesalah pahaman IC ya?
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    Goodluck nigga! Keep it up
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    [OFFICIAL] House of Foundation

    Name : Cody Jennings Divisi : Security Rank :Candidate Story: Memantau bagian dalam HOF
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    Reth_Jermenati [adrianwibip1]

    Bump! @casualmind
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    [OFFICIAL] House of Foundation

    Tanggal: 10 Maret 2019, Security Of HoF Nama: Cody Jennings Story: Memantau daerah kantor HoF
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    Reth_Jermenati [adrianwibip1]

    @casualmind paragraf berapa, sir ? Edited @casualmind
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    Reth_Jermenati [adrianwibip1]

    Edited sir @casualmind
  8. Character: Reth_Jermenati Story: Story Of Reth Jermenati : Reth Jermenati was born on 29 June 1998 in the city of Los Santos in the Idlewood area, he was the son of Kevin Jerome and Keyla Jerome, Reth had been an orphanage since childhood, because Reth's parents had died since he was little. Reth has been an independent child since childhood, and he also began to engage in promiscuity. Reth has many friends, who are not known that his friends are bad people. One day, a friend of Reth invited to do business outside the city, which was not known for what purpose, Reth immediately accepted the offer because Reth was paid if he followed it. Until outside the city, Reth's friend gave Reth a black plastic, it turned out that Cocaine Reth was shocked at that, but Reth was influenced by his friend, and he used Cocaine After Reth from outside the city he felt the effects of Cocaine, he was like being addicted to it, Reth also contacted his friend and asked for the item again, finally the friend gave it to Reth to use it continuously. 5 months later, Reth had started a new life that he had not eaten illicit drugs like Cocaine, at night he walked in the Idlewood area and met a man named Cozart, Cozart invited Reth to hang out together in the area, Cozart also guided Reth become a strong person. 3 months ago Reth hung out at that place, Reth began to get to know the environment of the Idlewood area, to gather with his friends there, which is the Trey Block Neighborhood (TBN) alley. Reth became a TBN Member after hanging out for a long time in that place. 1 year later, Reth became an insider at the Trey Block Neighborhood ((TBN), Cozart always gave Illegal work to Reth, his job was to sell Cocaine outside the Idlewood area. Reth was an expert at the job, Reth became Cozart's right hand because he I had been living in Idlewood for a long time, and once the police detective searched for information Reth through his old friend, his old friend Ibraheem Shakur, Shakur told him all about Reth without Reth being caught when he was hanging out at Idlewood. Saya DrianK selaku pemilik account UCP adrianwibip1 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Reth_Jermenati) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  9. Jadi gimana min ? IP saya di UNBAN atau gimana ? Soalnya pas saya Restar ga bisa, kan saya maen nya di WARNET soalnya.
  10. Nama UCP: adrianwibip1 Character: Reth_Jermenati IP Address: Diban oleh: Volunteers / Bot / Ex-Staffs Tempat bermain: Rumah Alasan ban: VOTEBAN; Cheater [Richman] Kenapa saya bisa kena banned: Ga tau min, soalnya di BANNED nya juga waktu tahun 2016 dan di List Char saya ga ada Nickname kaya gitu, sudah di ACCEPT saya kemaren men-REQUEST unban sama admin timerwarner. Saya disuruh Restar modem, pas sudah saya restar tetep ga bisa. Permohonan unban: Tolong UNBAN saya karena saya masih mau main di Server Jogjagamaers dan ingin beroleplay kembali di server ini. Bukti Screenshot:
  11. Nama UCP: adrianwibip1 Character: Reth_Jermenati IP Address: Diban oleh: Volunteers / Bot / Ex-Staffs Tempat bermain: Rumah Alasan ban: VOTEBAN; Cheater [Richman] Kenapa saya bisa kena banned: Ga tau min, soalnya di Character saya ga ada Nickname itu, itu juga di banned tahun 2016 min. Permohonan unban: Tolong min unban saya karena saya ga bersalah, saya masih mau beroleplay di Server Jogjagamers, dan saya juga ga pernah bermain menggunakanan CHEAT Bukti Screenshot:
  12. Employee Name: Greasy Stefflon Screenshot: Memanggang Daging steak dan merebus Kentang.
  13. Employee Name: Greasy Stefflon Screenshot: Delivery keliling Mechanic Center dan Ganton.
  14. Employee Name: Greasy Stefflon Screenshot: Menjaga toko di malam hari dan menutupnya.