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  1. Felix Limbong


    gua aja udah sering kena ciprat spoiler di manga ren, udah otw banyak death-flag siap2 aja haha
  2. Felix Limbong


    Yang Silver Soul ye? gua belum nonton, mager nyelesainnya wkakak. Lagian jelmaan gurunya itu kan si Utsuro, mana bisa modyar.
  3. Felix Limbong

    [GUIDE]Cara ROB/BEGAL/RAMPOK yang baik dan benar!

    *Samuel Velasco spots Rodrigo Edrigo arrival in Angel Pine's junkyard. *Samuel Velasco rains Rodrigo Edrigo with questions. Samuel Velasco: You live 'round here? *Samuel Velasco is very observant of his surrounding, he might rolls his eyes to every each corner as he awares of his current surrounding. Rodrigo Edrigo: N-No.. Why? Samuel Velasco: 'Right, now..- I need your help, you get 'ur ass to junkyard. I need your help, my bike is not in fuckin' good condition. *Rodrigo Edrigo rubs the back of his head, ups Samuel Velasco. *Rodrigo Edrigo goes in. *Samuel Velasco tugs his short, he brandishes 9mm. Samuel Velasco: D-Don't you dare to move around! Give me 'ur fuckin' money! *Samuel Velasco sweats all over, he panics. *Rodrigo Edrigo too. *Rodrigo Edrigo swallows, he fishes out his Ballen Gucci wallet. He throw it all over. *Samuel Velasco interlocks his finger on the trigger, he catches the wallet with his left hand. *Samuel Velasco didn't check the values in the wallet, he rans away.
  4. Felix Limbong

    [GUIDE/DISCUSSION] Roleplaying Your Character

    Thread ini harusnya kembali diatas.
  5. Felix Limbong

    [SHW/REL] the finest grande

    hail lord
  6. Felix Limbong

    New Town Bar

    Let's get it!
  7. Felix Limbong

    UCP Changelog 24.5.2018

    coba lagi gih, gua aja bisa
  8. Felix Limbong

    [SHW/REL] the finest grande

  9. nice rp tadi btw, gl fellas