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    Las Colinas "XIV" Side Caer La Grena.

    Mantap banyak merah merah moga bersahabat
  2. Chapter 2: Rodeo Cab Co. Rodeo Cab Co is a taxi company founded on Venice Street including the area in Santa Marina-Rodeo. This company has just been built by Lisa and her trusted person is Miggy who has made it like this in her home country, this company has just been built in early August 2018 with some crews who still need money for this company and this company is opened to anyone (public) We're currently hiring workers and drivers with the following requirement to fit in our company. This is the available positions you can apply for: Cab Driver Cab Manager Cab Security Mechanic (working in your garage) Taxi washers You can ask the following requirement for each position by sending an email through the email that has been stated above. No format needed. As for the application format, you must form an email with this following format: Name as in ID card: Address: Phone Number: Age: Last degree: Past experiences: Why do you want to join this company: All the application forms must be forwarded to [email protected] Your application will be handled approximately 2x24 hours
  3. Maksudnya apa ya????? @opickTolong admin family itu manusia junk gajelas
  4. Edite your screenshot and post again
  5. Kalau mau junk jangan di thread ini mas, di troll thread. anda salah thread. !