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  1. Employee Name: Raquille Banks Screenshot: Membuat adonan donat. Employee Name: Raquille Banks Screenshot: Membersihkan Sampah yang berada dibawah meja.
  2. Character: Raquille_Banks Origin: USA Amerika serikat. Story: Raquille Banks or commonly called Banks was born in the city of Los Santos January 19, 2004. He was born in a poor family, his father worked as a trader, and his mother worked in the household. Even though he was born in a poor family, Banks still feels happy because he lives in a peaceful and peaceful family. His father named Michael Banks, and his mother named Anggy Raquille. Banks was born normally with no obstacles, he had black skin because his parents came from an African country. He was a naughty child, every day he just made riots at school, the teacher teacher in his school was furious with Banks very naughty behavior and finally the school decided to get Banks out of school. 2 years passed, Banks felt bored because every day he kept quiet in his house, finally Banks decided to leave the house to find an atmosphere so that he was calm. And when Banks crossed a place in Ganton, he found several black people who were gathering. Then, Banks tried to greet them, initially Banks felt alienated by them. But, there was one of Banks school friends, and his friend invited Banks to join him. And Banks was happy with it, and every day he always gathered with friends who were there. One day, Banks was given the task by his boss to sell some illegal items such as cocaine. If he sold out the item, he would get a bonus from his boss, Banks accepted the offer. Banks also met one of the customers, he also transacted in a dark place. However, Banks got bad luck when he transacted, he had transacted with one of the detective members from the Police Department, and he was caught. All the friends at his hangout knew that Banks had been imprisoned. Banks was jailed for 3 years there. Saya EuisCitraWahyuni selaku pemilik account UCP anakkokom bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Raquille_Banks) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  3. Employee Name: Raquille Banks Screenshot: Membersihkan kaca. Employee Name: Raquille BanksScreenshot: Membersihkan kompor
  4. Employee Name: Raquille Banks Screenshot: Membersihkan meja Employee Name: Raquille Banks Screenshot: Membuat iklan bisnis
  5. Employee Name: Raquille Banks Screenshot: Memulai delivery di Market.
  6. Employee Name : Raquille Banks Screenshoot: Menerima kunci restoran.
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