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  1. Character: Deshawn_Brown Story: I was born in April 2018 in a small village in the Los Angels called Brown it was a small, strange village. It also had a name, not like all the others, I was born there in my father's horse stables, my family didn’t have enough time to take my mum to hospital and plus there are no hospitals relatively close either: I was a lone child by the name of Deshawn Brown I come from a very, very long line of Plumbers all specialising in steam boilers. Work was really rare but it paid well, my family were quite well off, we had enough money for a few luxuries here and there. My mum was a tournant in a local restaurant. As I grew up I realised that I was going to be the one who broke the line of plumbers in my family. To be honest my dad always told me to not ever follow in his footsteps as he knew how rare work was getting. As my father's work got more and more rare he started turning to other ways of making money. Like gambling, but the worst kind online gambling… with ‘cs’ skins. We lost a lot of money and had to give up a lot, I grew up mourning all the luxuries I used to have. I blamed my dad heavily, I would go days not speaking to him and take pride in any vindictive action I could do towards him… Until now I realise where I went wrong. I passed my test relatively early, and my parents even though times were hard insisted on buying my first car: a Toyota Starle When I was about 17 my mum died in a car crash with me at the wheel, I tried to do a cool jump that I knew. I hit a speed limit sign and lost my mum, I still remember her last words: “I need to go to sleep” she said. this was probably one of the worst parts of my life, and I’ve never been able to forgive myself for it. About a fortnight after the incident me and my dad had an argument, I got really vexed and things started to get out of hand. He shouted at me “You’re the reason mum died!”... I remember the room going silent. Then suddenly my dad starting to walk away slowly, I told him to stop, - I picked up my dads 12 bore shotgun and shouted: “Stop!” - BANG* - I didn’t give him enough time to react and I didn’t even threaten his life, within the next hour I turned myself in and was on my way to getting deported. Deportation was a new experimental punishment, deportation was the closest you could get to capital punishment in Los santos. All murders, serial killers, maniacs and extremely dangerous drivers were deported to foreign islands: Altis, Stratis or Tanoa. I was deported to Altis, where I was promised I could start a new life and be pardoned of my crime and start a fresh. And now here I am… Saya *RULZONE* selaku pemilik account UCP Nigga782 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Deshawn_Brown) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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