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  1. [ VERSE ] Choppa won’t miss a nigga. Still robbin even if I’m getting richer. Actin’ hard until I pull the trigga. Bullet on yo head, put his family onna pressure. Whippin in the kitchen like I’m a Professor. Onna pill, slow mo’ like the Matrix. Allen Iverson, this ain’t a practice. Woah, Woah Diamonds shines like Ice. Shootin niggas like it’s a Sacrifice. [HOOK] Choppa go ratara. Might go far-far-far. Head bangin’ like I’m a rockstar-star-star. Head bangin’ like I’m a rockstar-star-star. Comment format : Username : Comment :
  2. jaquanjq that's actually a pretty good shot
  3. misalkan neh orang arrest gua, i will lose my mind.
  4. *Jaquan Brown deletes all his music from soundcloud
  5. Draco

    Areey's skinpack

    ngikutin lamron lu lol jk nice skins
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