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  1. LOTTO LOS SANTOS Lotto Los Santos adalah lotere unik yang dimainkan seminggu sekali dan menawarkan jackpot senilai setidaknya $10.000 (minggu sekarang sebuah mobil Cheetah dengan brand baru). Dengan tiket yang hanya seharga $500 per tiket, Anda layak mendapatkan jackpot tersebut jika beruntung. Ini adalah permainan yang menggabungkan tradisi dan inovasi. Ada dua cara untuk memenangkan hadiah dalam setiap pengundian dan Anda dapat membeli lebih banyak tiket untuk mendapatkan keberuntungan yang tinggi . Buy ticket now! Contact Info: 951000 (Davinci Marchatti) Email: [email protected] (( PM FORUM ))
  2. Barang: Jam Tangan / Watch Harga: Kirim pesan untuk mendapatkan rincian harga Deskripsi: Menjual berbagai macam dan jenis jam tangan modern gaya anak muda jaman sekarang. Seperti Skemei, G-Shock, Lee, Digitec, BurnBurn, Swiss Army, Alba, Positif, Seiko, Christyan Arden, Mirage, Rolex, dan masih banyak lagi. Gambar: Contact person:
  3. Apakah menyediakan jasa revisi diperbolehkan di JGRP? Jasa revisi yang dimaksud adalah jasa perbaikan dalam kesalahan EYD, tanda baca, huruf kapital, bahasa asing, baku, non baku, formal, non formal, bentuk kata/kalimat, dalam sebuah Character Strory, Character Kill, dan hal-hal lainnya yang memang memerlukan konteks bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Jasa ini hanya merevisi Character Story yang telah dibuat dan masih dirasa banyak yang salah. Jasa ini tidak untuk membantu seseorang untuk membuat sebuah Character Story dari nol. Jadi, isi dari CS akan ditentukan dan dibuat oleh pemilik karakter, kemudian penyedia jasa hanya merevisi isi dari CS tersebut sampai semuanya benar dan baik.
  4. Dapet salam dari Jayden Kingsley x Narcos xixixi
  5. Introduction I've been in the passenger seat of many traffic stops, and they almost always end in either death or arrest because the driver doesn't know how to deal with one. I'm here to explain how to properly deal with a traffic stop. Pulling Over When pulling to the side of the road, make sure you take into account the safety of those around you & yourself. You will have to stop with your left wheels on the curb or on a bike lane if available. Do not pull over on a corner, exit, garage, etc. If there is not a proper spot to pull over, drive just a few yards to a proper spot. What to do when stopped Once your have pulled onto a proper spot, follow these simple steps: • Turn your engine off as soon as you stop. • Roll down your window if not already down. • Keep your hands on the steering wheel at 3 & 9 o'clock. • Wait for the officer to walk over to your door. The most important thing about a traffic stop is how you react as soon as you're pulled over. If an officer notices you're acting nervous, angry, etc. they will automatically suspect something is going on. If you keep calm, they will not be as hostile towards you, which can avoid you a trip to jail, or death. Another thing that helps when being stopped is greeting the officer when they approach your window. A simple "Hello, officer" or "Morning, sir" can let them know you are friendly & will clear tension from the stop. *Your hands must be visible at all times* *Do not reach for any documents until requested to do so by the officer* Dialogue Officers tend to ask basic questions once stopped. The most common is "Do you know why I pulled your over today?". When they ask this question, always answer no. Even if you know why you were pulled over, reassure your assumption by letting the officer tell you. Only answer questions the officer asks. Everything you say can be used against you, so chose your words wisely. Here's an example of a good answer to a question: - "Where are you coming from?" - "My homie's house, offica'." Here's an example of a bad answer to a question: - "Where are you coming from?" - "Crystal Gardens, offica'. Went with a homie to see what was happenin'. Took a couple drinks, played some poker, y'know." With an answer like this, the officer now knows you have been drinking, where you frequent, what you did there, who you know, which gang you are possibly affiliated with & where you're coming from. Have something illegal? Officers cannot see through your car or clothes. They do not know what you are holding, which is another reason why they take extreme precaution. If you have a weapon, you are most likely hiding it already. Same thing goes with drugs. Don't panic. Do not toss anything out the window. Not only will the officer automatically notice it, he will arrest you & your passengers, when he would have probably just given you a verbal warning for whatever you did. I've been in many situations where I'm carrying a full two ounces of weed in my car, as well as a weapon & I've gotten away without the officer even noticing. Which brings me to my next point... Searches You know you don't have to let a cop search you,right? According to the fourth amendment, you have the right to deny a search. The only time a police officer can search you without your consent is when they have a warrant or if they are highly suspicious. A simple phrase can help you get out of a search without being rude or loud. "I do not consent to searches". Now, don't get me wrong, an officer may still search you if they are suspicious, but that is not likely. This phrase can even help with a pat down. If you are ordered to step out of the car, do not let the officer search you. Knowing this phrase can make you avoid arrest, or death. It will also let you keep your contraband, as well as avoid you wasting your time. Video Examples I'll include these two videos to show you how all of this comes into play. They aren't some boring documentary, they're just scenarios & they are pretty insightful. *If I think of other subjects I should add, I'll update the topic. If you think I should add something, let me know* Credit: - L*RP - CharlieSN95 (Thread starter)
  6. Acer

    JGRP Legends

    Speak up, @kokom7. You're the most trollest in the server!!! Sekalinya dia liat cewe cakep, beuh langsung ditarik tuh cewek... @Tiak: Great leadership for ni**a street gang. @Zuqal123: Great lieadership for hispanic/mexican gang. @Erie is the best
  7. Halo, @Koja09, tolong gunakan bahasa yang sopan dan santun. Dikutip dari ketentuan dan syarat unban, di sana tertulis "Jangan berbohong. Admin tidak main asal ban, mereka lihat apa yang kamu lakukan dengan jelas dan admin tau mengapa mereka mem-ban kamu". Jadi, jika Anda terus mengeluarkan kata-kata yang tidak sopan, maka Admin juga punya wewenang untuk mengabaikan Anda. Ada benarnya apa yang dikatakan @akuvseverybody, ini sebuah komunitas yang dapat menampung pemain-pemain dari asal manapun. Jadi, tolong untuk saling menghormati dan gunakanlah bahasa yang sopan dan santun. Karena, bahasa yang Anda keluarkan dapat mempengaruhi reputasi Anda di komunitas Jogjagamers.
  8. Hello, I'm Davinci Marchatti. I'm here to put an evidence. Here's the thing:
  9. GREEN from me. An easier way to know how long we go to on-duty, and the other side to avoid sank names in command [/fc]
  10. Nama pelapor: Davinci Marchatti Nama pelanggar: Kelley Onfroy Peraturan yang dilanggar: Cheater (AIMBOT) Apa yang terjadi: Awalnya ada laporan darurat dari player lain bahwa ada perampokan di sekitar red county. Michael Hortensia dan Marvin Lucky yang pertama menemukan mereka di Blueberry. Yakni Kelley Onfroy dan Kamata Takanashi. Disusul saya (Davinci Marchatti), David McMahon, Reagan Theodore, dan Daichi Matsuyama tiba di lokasi. Baku tembak pun terjadi, Marvin dan Michael yang pertama lumpuh (down). Terus, Kelley Onfroy kabur ke dalem rumah di Blueberry. Ketika Theodore masuk, tiba-tiba udah ditembakin dan bahkan gabisa return fire. Terus, saya masuk, saya juga sama, namun saya masih bisa return fire dan akhirnya Kelley mati. Di sini ada kejanggalan di damagelog dari setiap anggota SAPD. Perbedaan masuk damagelognya sangat dekat, bahkan waktunya sama. Kalaupun beda, itu hanya beda sedetik. Selain itu, di /damagelog masing-masing anggota, memiliki kesamaan bagian tertembak. Bukti: Davinci Marchatti Health: Damagelog: Reagan Theodore Health: Damagelog: Marvin Lucky Health: Damaglog: Michael Hortensia Health: Damagelog: Ada tambahan juga dari Libratiyan aka David McMahon. Bukti ini sebelum kejadian yang di atas. Monggo, disimak.
  11. Cara rubah resolusinya gmn?
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