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  1. Music Rapper/hiphop

    G*59 [Intro: NORFSIDE $HAWTY] Yah, yah, $carecrow, Ruby stay runnin' $carecrow, $carecrow, $carecrow, $carecrow, $care-, Norfside, Shit, where the fuck that been R.I.P, $lick $loth [VERSE I: NORFSIDE $HAWTY] Playa hataz surround me Like vultures on a dead body Get the fuck from 'round me Ain't tryna be ya' fuckin' friend White boy with the nappy hair Bought the platinums, nah not double-O bruh Bunch of all you thirsty 30 somethin' motherfuckin bald head headass Boy get off this playa's nuts Test your luck, might catch slugs This that middle finger up Shit, fuck a bitch And fuck you too for thinkin' we would not make it Tell me really How does it feel? If you were in the field believin' the vision that we livin Fuck the fluxes competition We got the leverage Fuck you pussies stocked with [?] 47's 45's Tec's Poles on this cut throat boy There's more than one reason that I'm [?] [VERSE II: RUBY SOHO] R.I.P boy Ain't broke I gotta a lotta fuckin' bread Now I've seen the globe Puff another load Sitting in the [?] lead pipe Cause my pockets got a lot of fucking holes leaving trails of the crumbs So them fuckboys will follow, yeah Fill up that hollow stomach with my sorrow Tomorrow ain't promised a tough pill to swallow But roxycodone ain't a tough pill to snort It's a tough pill to kick Always fall short Standin' tall with my vice, fuck y'all for the sport The money, the bitches, the fame feelin' like a whore Now I'm smokin' more ports and I'm closer to death Then I was when I was poor Coke and bitches in the kitchen passin' out on the couch I'm tired from bein' bored You'll die from bein' bored Sing a sad ass song with just four chords, oh lord Sing a sad ass song, another death in the 7th Ward, oh lord Sing a sad ass song for Yung Snow, pullin' in, I was at the morgue Sing a sad ass song for another tally on the sword blizzard storm when I fucking mourn
  2. [Unblock UCP] agatapricil (orangoon12)

    Lu nembakin nya di tempat spawn dia?
  3. Music Rapper/hiphop

  4. [Unblock UCP] agatapricil (orangoon12)

    Suruh temen lo yang nick nya Roger_Squad jelasin disini
  5. Music Rapper/hiphop

  6. Music Rapper/hiphop

  7. Music Rapper/hiphop


    Genre Documentary Actor Audie Attar, Dillon Danis, José Aldo, Kiefer Crosbie, Ryan Buescher Director Gavin Fitzgerald Country Ireland Quality BluRay IMDb 6.8 /10 from 440 users Release 08 November 2017 Duration 1 jam 31 menit Sinopsis: Film ini menceritakan tentang kisah hidup petarung UFC asal Irlandia, Conor McGregor. Dibesut oleh sutradara Gavin Fitzgerald, film ini akan memberikan tayangan eksklusif perjalanan McGregor yang saat ini menjadi bintang besar dalam sejarah Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Link: http://dunia21.com/conor-mcgregor-notorious-2017/ Bonus! Kelakuan gila sih petarung Irlandia ini https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQX_cfCIvFk
  9. Music Rapper/hiphop

  10. Music Rapper/hiphop

  11. Rules of Survival(PC Server)

    Update Rank to Diamond III
  12. Rules of Survival(PC Server)

    Update Rank to Diamond IV
  13. Rules of Survival(PC Server)

    Change to My Rules of Survival (PC Version)Stats NickName RoS: DemonokLannik Rank: Platinum 1 NickName JGRP: Chuck Cleon