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  1. wassup boys?! @Febbyfitzgerald @Rohimat join to our discord: https://discord.gg/SZX8Je6
  2. Yow my big cuzz, Am I get kicked?

  3. you dumbass.

    1. Deezy777


      y’dumb af

    2. bih



  4. too busy for playing some hours, but seen y'all enjoy it and keep the thread on fire.. Oh bro, that was fucking sick. d o y o u f e e l m e? * shout out to all the homie who being part of us.
  5. Hi, Saya telah mereview character story kamu dan menemukan bahwa story kamu sudah memenuhi kriteria yang kami berikan. Dengan itu kami telah ACCEPT character story yang kamu buat. Mohon ikuti panduan di bawah ini untuk mengaktifkan character story kamu:
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