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  1. Bim, gua bilangin emak lu kalo lu nyolong duit emak lu yang ada dibawah bantal
  2. Sigendut ikut-kutan bikin peksen, awas lu botak
  3. Idlewood Disciples Nation is a black teenage gangster from Chichago, Illinois, California. They were founded in 1998 precisely in Chichago Illinois or commonly referred to as Chi-raq with another name as Dirty Brick Nation. Dirty Brick Nation itself is led by Clovis "Little Barry" Barrymore, but since the incident several years ago Barry was arrested by the Chichago police on a serial murder charge and sentenced to death. Since the death of Barry Dirty Brick Nation was getting worse and no one can replace Barry's position, one of the shotcallers of Dirty Brick Nation was again targeted by the Chichago police on charges of attempted murder, but that did not make him in prison. Norman "Rockie" Brock, known as the fugitive fugitive in Chichago, staged a robbery at a small bank in the corner of Illinois city of Chichago. Thanks to the action he earned a lot of money and managed to escape from the police pursuit, he also immediately fled to San Andreas, Los Santos. In Los Santos he hid his identity for a while and resides in Idlewood at the home of one of his friends, Gishanie Gray. Two years after the incident he re-established himself in the city of Los Santos, where he met many people who were like him. Gray, who was also a former member of Dirty Brick Nation, suggested to Rockie to re-establish a juvenile crime group in the city of Los Santos. With the support of a number of like-minded friends, Rockie went back to establishing a street criminal group called Idlewood Disciples Nation. A few months since the Idlewood Disciples Nation was established, their names have risen directly to the top because their criminality has reached the top five in the city of Los Santos. (( Story akan diupdate seiring berjalannya roleplay kami )) Fraksi ini adalah fraksi gangster jalanan remaja kulit hitam yang berbasis dari Gangster Diciples, semua player Jogjagamers berhak melakukan roleplay bersama kami dengan ketentuan server yang berlaku. Dilarang melakukan kontak secara OOC (Out Of Character) jika anda ingin bergabung bersama kami. Untuk syarat-syarat tertentu lainnya bisa bertanya kepada @Venice atau @glocky Credit : * Venice (( Acil )) * Fatrick * Budi * Google * Lolicop
  4. Venice

    The Montana Gang

    si tua ga ngajak
  5. Dirty Ghetto Kids, catch yall soon
  6. Moonraker ini gan, XTC dah tobat
  7. Cot bgst, request skin jangan yang alay alay
  8. Credits : Me (( Venice )), Scrattol, Westside, Travie, Bega, Astro. DOWNLOAD
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