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  1. Kemana ae lu? dah 1 bulan galiat lu cuy, ladang lu ampe ke asell, rumah lu juga tuh, comeback sini InGame ama gua -Raffi Alfachrezy-

  2. Cara jadi member khusus nya gimana tuhhh????
  3. Character : Justin Gale Origin: New York City, America Story: Justin Gale The name of Justin Gale was given by Jennifer Heard, a woman married to Justin Frost who is now a proud father of Justin Gale. The birth of Justin Gale is a true gift for the Justin Frost Family, ever since 20 December 1987, 11:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. Gale was born to the earth with 8 pounds, 14 ounces, which passes the average weigh of a new born baby. Jennifer Heard always knew that Justin Gale is going to be a strong, clever man just like his father. Living in the Houston Street 4th 15 for the whole two years has been a great memorable childhood experience for Gale, but the time for Gale to start living in the social life is yet to come. Born in a family with enough money to live with, Gale was forced to preschool earlier than anyone else. Trinity Preschool was chosen by Gale's beloved mother, as an ex-teacher of Trinity Preschool, Jennifer received a scholarship for Gale's preschool stage. The Trinity Preschool is located in 50 Park Pl, which is around two blocks away from Gale's house. His father was too busy with the work, going out early in the morning was a habit, not to mention the time he finishes his works. Gale only sees his father by the weekend, which is why he always walks around with his father weekly. They usually went to the park, to get the most flavored ice cream that Gale loved to eat every single time he went to the park. He gets so happy with it, even though it always melts before he can finishes one cone. Jennifer knows Gale is very active and highly creative, she sometimes checks on the class CCTV to spectates Gale's activities. He's also socially kind, a friend of his was doing a bad job, he admitted his friend's fault to protect him. Teacher was totally mad, but Jennifer is there, she saw everything. She's very proud to have a boy like Justin Gale even though it creates a lie, but Gale is without a doubt a good person. All mother wants his child to be a good person, Gale has given it since his preschool. Years from that time, Gale was signed into elementary school which is Hunter College Elementary School, New York. As an elementary student, Gale has shown a great skillful mindset. He managed to have the top 10 students in his school. No parents could be more proud, than Jennifer and Frost. By the end of the elementary year, he achieved to win a total of 4 competitions in Mathematics subject. He privately got many e-mails, which is of course received by Jennifer, the administrator of his e-mails. But there is one that might fit Gale perfectly, it was a mail sent by Roger Williams School of Law‎, the biggest law school in New York. Inviting Gale to the school for a scheduled private school tour, not to mention that Roger Williams School of Law‎ is nearby his house. Gale admired the Law ever since his father took him out for a movie night. The movie was Die Hard (1988) starring Bruce Willis. Even though Gale is only around 10 years old, he managed to understand the movie well. The movie's story is pretty simple, it's John McClane, officer of the NYPD, tries to save his wife Holly Gennaro and several others that were taken hostage by German terrorist. Gale went to the same school for his high school, but things started to get off his limit. A friend of his got taken as a hostage, he couldn't help doing anything. He was unarmed, he can only stare at his best friend. The worst scenario happened, the robber sliced the hostage with a knife. An iron knife, with the wooden grip, slicing through the carotid artery by the neck. As a result, the blood loss went over the limit, his best friend died for blood loss. He was not acknowledged with any life support methods, not even the fighting technique. This encourages him to train harder everyday, to maximize his physical condition, to learn how to become better and better becomes a habit for Gale. He managed to learn how to use all Basic Life Support Kit's Equipment within a week, by knowing every usage of those equipment. Gale won't put so much burden for the lost of his friend, his passion to work hard becomes even stronger than ever. The graduation day passed by, Gale passed his high school with another high score. He doesn't stop there, he continued to study Law by taking the Criminal Major. He signed himself to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, located in New York City. The John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a very famous college in New York, especially in it's Criminal Justice major. He without a doubt, studied there for a few more years. He learned from the best to become the best. His understandings about Law and Crime gets better every day of his college days, the experience and the knowledge that his education gives was a total push for Gale to join the Police Department. It was the day when Gale found out about the most trending news on America, the Los Santos Police Department was in trouble in the 2015, they had a really huge fight with the San Andreas Sheriff Department, but the war is not over. Day by day, continued by firing bullets every single day. Gale booked a ticket online to the Los Santos International Airport for the next day. He didn't pack much, he brought money and a few clothes using only a medium sized school backpack. He landed safely and took a yellow cabbie from the Yellow Cabbie Club, stayed in the Star Loft Apartment, Pershing Square, Los Santos. He walked around the Pershing Square, realizing the mess of Los Santos is totally chaos, yet it is getting better and warmer everyday. By following the television news broadcasted by the one and only San Andreas News, he managed to know that the war between the department is over with a heart-warming settlement / solution, the idea was to bring San Andreas Police Department, a merger between the San Andreas Sheriff Department and the Los Santos Police Department. It was truely a big news for the San Andreas. Some of the Sheriff gets transfered to the San Andreas Police Department, the others retired. As a new department, the San Andreas Police Department is open for new recruits, Gale took the opportunity and submitted an application form for the first academy. A day after, he got denied. He's not giving up that easy, no. He applied again after he waited a week, just like the rules, and he got in ! He officially passed the San Andreas Police Department Academy #1. From then, Justin Gale is a police officer working for the San Andreas Police Department, until now. Saya Night selaku pemilik account UCP ItsNight bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Justin Gale) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  4. dikelas makan permen yoi men
  5. House of Foundation is the corporation who runs a business on many things, such as Business Organiser, Security, Luxury Travel, and many others. This corporation had three owners whom recently the highest command on Police Department, they are Joeri Edmondo, Mordecai Roman Hoogenstein and Garmond Kenward. These three gentlemen having an interest on making an business corporation, so they decided to recruited the trustworthy man to handle the business for them, it's Franco Confience. He's really capable of doing this such of business so that's why the board of C.E.O trusted him much. House of Foundation is on the verge of getting a major success on the Business Organiser, they had a few partners at the moment, SAN news, Hoogenstein's motors, and another private corporation. House of Foundation private office are located on the one of the most luxury complex on Los Santos, it's located on Mulholland hills avenue. they control all of internal issues of the corporation on this office. Few weeks later, the new House of Foundation Headquarter already done, it's located on Marina, whole Jetty Lounge complex. The property was also bought by Mordecai Hoogenstein, he is really intrested on property business as well, so he had a few assets around the San Andreas. House of Foundation Business Organiser This division maintain to having a lot of workers who will be the employees of the business whom partnering with House of Foundation corporations, so it will be helps lot of workers whose currently the freelancers around the San Andreas having a real opportunity on the real job, also helping the business owners on cutting their incomes every week for paying the salary of their private employees. House of Foundation Security This division also giving you a real private security on you or any of your business, we will help you be more safer on this city, also this division will also giving you a benefits, such as personal bodyguard, and the escort. House of Foundation Luxury Travel House of Foundation had a few luxury assets where 'some' of the corporation doesn't have it, such as Private Jet, Helicopter, and limousine, you can also rent it for a days (terms and conditions apply) House of Foundation Property Agent House of Foundation once more giving you and helpful solutions on your life, here comes House of Foundation property agent, where you does not have to worry about buying or selling a property. House of Foundation Warehouse and stock House of Foundation had a warehouse for their stocks and supply for any items they had, any items or parts for the corps would be found here on the warehouse. It's located on the ocean docks. House of Foundation Car Association One of the favourite division, it's House of Foundation Car Association, everyone needs a hobby and also, men loves car. this division will gather any car maniac to join us monthly gathering and also this division offers you an event and other hospitality and benefits. House of Foundation Builder Association Coming soon Partnership OOC Info: Faction ini mencakup dibidang bisnis dan 100% legal untuk dijalankan tanpa ada unsur-unsur illegal sedikit pun. Join ke faction ini akan membutuhkan beberapa kewajiban untuk di turuti so find us ICly. jika ada pertanyaan mengenai faction ini silahkan tanyakan ke @rifqy (credit goes to: rifqy,sinatrio, javanicus (bama),itsnight )
  6. Night

    Gale (damian)

    Ingame Name: Gale UCP Name: ItsNight Admin that banned you: damian Date of Ban: 16/07/2017 IP: Reason: Cheat Why you can get banned: Timestuck pada saat itu, dikira cheat airbreak. Folder saya clear tidak ada cheat. Evidence (SS): -
  7. Roleplay matters.

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