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  1. si jovi yuchouber aja pen main samp jgrp apalagi jgvrp
  2. L a h k o k G a k t a u m a l e s p e n g e n b e l i t r u k
  3. Character: Tobias_Urena Story: Tobias Urena was born on 20th of January, 2004, in Los Santos, California. He used to be an adolescent who has been raised by both parents, named Matias Aguilla and Orrilia Urena. They are living at El Corona Complex, Tobias Urena lives sufficiently. He has finished the elementary and now studying at McCaine Junior Highschool. Tores educates well within the class, he is smart. Friends and neighbor used to call him as Tores. The father has a barbershop business around El Corona, Tores usually helps him after goes back from the school. He is very passionate and skilled in serving the haircuts. When Tores reached 7, when it was at midnight, his own house was being house-breached by the SWAT team, both parents were accused of allegedly involved in illegal drugs smuggling which they faced 30 years sentences on Angel Pine County Prison. That was the first time felt much tears up about his parents, but he was a strong kid. Since that incident, Tores really hates the police and he often throws the disrespecting words to them, also he is being a hot-temper guy sometimes. The barbershop business was handled by his uncle, Alejandro Urena. In early 2018, Tobias Urena grew well in his ghetto environment, he got out of the school in order to support his uncle earn up some money. In El Corona, Tores had met many peoples which made him experienced, had been a people who contributed with the others. The hatred is still intended to the cops, he will be hating them till he died. Saya AJOR selaku pemilik account UCP confidentialls bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Tobias_Urena) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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