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  1. Tu Casa Es Nuestra 9/23/2020 Lacra Del Puentes hermanos feat the Hustler taggin the idlewood!
  2. Feliz lunes, hermanos today is a good day
  3. Ah nyimak doang join dong minnnn yang lain jg kl minat join yok gass approach IC kita ramein lagi hispanic2 jgrp jgn maluuuu
  4. richelle yang masih aktif & joliejunior tdk aktif yg ke 2 / yg ga aktif udah diblock venice bukti ada dicommentnya ini:
  5. The Battle of JEFES 21th September of 2020 El Milo (Murillo Candelaria) took a huge dose on coccaine by the morning, his soldados were hanging right in front of the barrio un noticing what was happening with El Milo, continued their usual chit-chat. By mid day time El Milo were showing sign of being overdosed-high in front of his soldados, that he challanged his own JEFE partner El Gale (Orias Gallardo) on a fistfight. Losing to a fight, El Milo were still in high euphoria from the dosed of crystal that he smoked, gave him the adrenaline to pointed gun at his soldados and El Gale himself. Uncontrollable anger, loosen temper driven him outside of the barrio. His soldado spent almost an hour looking for their JEFE, El Milo was found in a balcony in El Corona. Under the euphoria of crystal meth, hallucination sets El Milo the hallucination of about being killed by their own men and a betrayal from his partner himself (El Gale). Coughing bloods, blurry visions, unable to express the right word made El Milo were a dangerous threat to his own men that he might shot their own men. Montana Mcquinna, Gerardo Alejandro, Me / Fernando Iglesias, Orias Gallardo, were having lots of difficulties on calming our own JEFE's down. Fernando Iglesias shot an idea to surprised tackled his own JEFE from back to prevent him to self-harm, or homicide his own men. El Milo were able to be conducted when Fernando Iglesias & Montana did a surprise tackle and choke hold him down. His energy were twice bigger than his normal due to the crystal's effect. El Milo were taken to his home to be settled down, led by Orias Gale. They talked their way out, put him on his bed, convince him that's he's being on drug and let him have his time to rest up to be sober. The problem were solved after he took a long nap and getting enough rest, while he was resting Montana and his hermanos took the responsibility of the barrio.
  6. Taxi Driver Digs Loco's Product
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