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Walter_Keller [Riann7]

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Character: Walter_Keller







Walter Keller was born on Januari 5, 1990, he has parents who have a low economy. Walter Keller never liked the name of school, because since high school, he had committed a mischievous act with his teacher. He deliberately acted naughty by harassing all his friends, which Walter Keller considered disturbing. Walter Keller has been punished because he likes to skip during school hours. The headmaster also always forbade teachers to act harshly on Walter Keller, but how else did he always make a mess that always made all his friends and teachers nervous. Not infrequently also Walter Kelle'r parents are always called for questioning.


Walter Keller once had a big problem with his parents, a child who was still 17 years old and dare to try to kill his family. During his childhood, Walter Keller never got what he wanted so far, a request that never came true made the desire to kill his family very large. His father's behavior had never been known by his father because his father went out of town to make a living. Upon his father's return, Walter Keller was very angry with his father. Blow after blow was thrown at Walter Kelle'r head, Walter Keller unmitigated returned the punch of his father. Also loudly Walter Kelle'r father drove him away from home.


While leaving home, Walter Keller wandered in several alleys away from home. He was robbed by swarms of robbers in the area. But whatever the power, he was afraid of the robber

herd. Walter Keller he has revenge for the robbery, he wants to reciprocate. Later when he gets small and heavy weapons, he does not hesitate to rob the entire city one by one.

Hewas not afraid of the police, his hobbies were breaking the rules, very hard with the world which made him very disappointed in the world. He will do all the bad deeds as long as hecan, rob, steal, even rob a bank, he will carry out if he has enough supplies to rob the Bank.




Saya Biasaaja1221 selaku pemilik account UCP Riann7 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Walter_Keller) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.

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