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Clayton Gallagher [bawskee999]

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Character: Clayton Gallagher


Clayton Gallagher was born in December 1980. He was the first child of 3 brothers and his father was a mechanic who had a small workshop in BlueBerry and his mother was a farmer. When he was young he was very fond of automotive things because his father was one of the greatest mechanics in the city.


As he grew up, he began to help his father and took care of his small workshops. Clayton began to master in the automotive field like a car or motorcycle and started to hang out with his peers like Frank Moran, Hank Dillon, William Legija and Danny and his younger brother Jim Foster at the Liquor shop.


In early 2012 Clayton's parents died and left the small workshop. A week after the misfortune, Clay found a motorbike wrapped in the workshop - it was his father's Harley Davidson from the time when he was young.  At that time he decided to continue his father's business, but not fully recovered he still was thinking what to do in the future.


At the beginning of 2013, Jim talked about to start a business in the automotive world by opening a custom motorbike workshop. They wanted to open the lowrider style because in that era it was a very developed style. Clayton did not buy the motorbike, he only changed the motorbike that made by his father to be a lowrider because Clayton had a basic mechanic. As time flew, there were many of Clayton’s friends who interested to do the mutual business in Clayton’s workshop as well.

In mid-2014 the business went smoothly, they redecorated Clayton's workshop to be bigger and more equipment than before and began accepting repairing cars, in short at the end of 2014 spare parts jumped up and workshop finance was not enough to continue the workshop business and think of a way come out for this problem and finally the workshop closes for several months while thinking of a solution to the problem.


In 2015 they all agreed to stop the business for a moment and the motorcycle club outlaw began to appear at that time and this is one reason why the price of spare parts began to surge. Clayton spoke to Frank to make their own club and then discussed the idea with his friends and got support from Jim, Hank, William, and Julius. To this day, he lives in Blueberry with the others, having a small bar in their clubhouse and an unutilized workshop that might be used as a personal one for a moment while thinking about the club's future.



Saya CLAY selaku pemilik account UCP bawskee999 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Clayton Gallagher) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.

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To Mr/Ms Gallagher,

I am writing to you in regards of your recently submitted character story, we have reviewed your character story and, as a result, have come to the decision to ACCEPT your request.

Tanggal 1 Januari akan langsung ditetapkan oleh karena itu silahkan baca 



Helper louisehosea,
Jogjagamers Roleplay Administrative Team.

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