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[REFUND] Nayvadius_Briggs ( Sanchez with 0 insurance )


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Character: Nayvadius_Briggs

Waktu & Tanggal: 07/17/2016

Barang yang dibutuhkan: Sanchez with 0 insurance

Saya membutuhkan refund karena:

Admin RichMan menyuruh saya untuk membuat refund request terhadap sanchez saya yang disalahgunakan oleh player lain.

Berikut adalah bukti yang berupa screenshot / video:




Berikut adalah bukti chatlog:


[20:59:44] INSURANCE: Your Sanchez (slot:3) has been destroyed, insurance company will refund your vehicle in 24 hours

[20:59:46] Tyrone West says: Jab, hook, jab, hook.

[20:59:47] * Cole Jefferson move his steps slowly to the group.

[20:59:50] * Nayvadius Briggs sports oversized generic clothing.

[20:59:51] Barry Lane says: I want to go.

[20:59:52] Coggan Miroslav says: Eyo.

[20:59:52] Donald Laywood says: That's all I got to word out.

[20:59:57] * Clifford Urrington trusts Donald.

[20:59:57] Cole Jefferson says: Yo homie.

[20:59:58] Coggan Miroslav says: Waddup mayn'.


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