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[REFUND] Jermaine Leighton ( Sabre 1 insu )


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Character: Jermaine Leighton

Waktu & Tanggal: 07/08/2016

Barang yang dibutuhkan: Sabre 1 insu

Saya membutuhkan refund karena:

Ketika saya lagi Rp tiba tiba ada notice kendaraannya hancur

Berikut adalah bukti yang berupa screenshot / video:





Berikut adalah bukti chatlog:


[19:20:45] Trey Kreighton says: You want sum ?

[19:20:49] Jamal Cameroon says: Aye.

[19:20:50] Trey Kreighton says: Nawh.

[19:20:58] Trey Kreighton says: Whachu need ?

[19:21:08] Trey Kreighton says: One hotdog ? large ? medium or small size ?

[19:21:31] Trey Kreighton says: Or you want mine /

[19:21:31] Jamal Cameroon says: One hotdog, shrimp powder if you have.

[19:21:31] Sonio Kutoi says: boleh ikut geng

[19:21:31] Sonio Kutoi says: boleh ikut geng

[19:21:31] Jamal Cameroon says: Nigga, you funny.

[19:21:31] Trey Kreighton says: Aii' aii, get it.

[19:21:31] Tony Dawson: (( ... ))

[19:21:32] Trey Kreighton says: Ow shi mayn.

[19:21:33] Jamal Cameroon says: Crips gettin' funny everyday, i love it.. this nigga gettin goofy.

[19:21:47] * Trey Kreighton chuckles.

[19:21:53] Trey Kreighton Shouts: Ay J!

[19:22:00] * Tony Dawson places his body towards the couch, relaxes himself.

[19:22:03] Trey Kreighton Shouts: Grab sum sausage!

[19:22:09] * Jermaine Leighton walks toward Trey, talks with him.

[19:22:15] Jermaine Leighton says: Wassup?

[19:22:28] * Trey Kreighton eyes toward the sausage storage, shaking his head.

[19:22:31] Humberto Dinero Shouts: Delivery?!

[19:22:31] Trey Kreighton says: You feel me ?

[19:22:38] Trey Kreighton Shouts: No nigga trippin!

[19:22:39] Jermaine Leighton says: Nawh.

[19:22:47] Jamal Cameroon says: Richass boy.

[19:22:48] Trey Kreighton says: This is empty man.

[19:22:48] Humberto Dinero Shouts: Hotdog one nigg'!

[19:22:51] Trey Kreighton says: Grab sum.

[19:22:57] Humberto Dinero Shouts: How much Hotdog!

[19:22:59] Jermaine Leighton says: Aight.

[19:23:04] Trey Kreighton says: Not here, goofy.

[19:23:10] * Tony Dawson nods once.

[19:23:11] Jamal Cameroon says: Goofy Goober.

[19:23:12] Trey Kreighton says: Com'ere.

[19:23:12] * Bertram Omalley leaves Tony.

[19:23:14] Humberto Dinero says: You sell Goofy?

[19:23:17] Tony Dawson says: Ace.

[19:23:34] * Trey Kreighton points toward the house, gestures Jermaine to take some.

[19:23:44] Trey Kreighton says: Ay Onte.

[19:23:49] Deonte Banks says: Yo.

[19:24:05] Trey Kreighton says: Serve them niggas a hotdog wit shrimp powder.

[19:24:06] * Jermaine Leighton grabs sausage on the sausage storage, walks toward trey.

[19:24:11] INSURANCE: Your Sabre (slot:1) has been destroyed, insurance company will refund your vehicle in 24 hours

[19:24:17] Deonte Banks says: Aight nigga.

[19:24:19] Trey Kreighton says: Place that shie there.

[19:24:27] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-046.png

[19:24:28] QUIZ: Kalo kesel minum?

[19:24:28] NOTE: use '/quiz answer' to answer that quiz!

[19:24:33] QUIZ: Jacobs_Hawkins have won the quiz!

[19:24:33] QUIZ: The answer was 'Kiranti.'

[19:24:41] Trey Kreighton Shouts: THERE!

[19:24:43] Trey Kreighton Shouts: Fufu ass!

[19:24:55] * Trey Kreighton points to the stand.


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