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[CN] Actkinson_Johnson

Dika Rahyan

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ID UCP: Actkinson_Johnson
Old Name: Actkinson_Johnson
New Name: Pyotr_Savva
Origin: Russian

Screenshot Charity:



sa mp 016




sa mp 000

sa mp 001

sa mp 002

sa mp 003

sa mp 004

sa mp 005

sa mp 006

sa mp 007

sa mp 008

sa mp 009

sa mp 010

sa mp 011

sa mp 012

sa mp 014

sa mp 013

sa mp 015





sa mp 017


Reason: Atkinson Johnson is a gang in Los Santos called the Crime Syndicate of America, One day Actkinson, Trofim, and maskman go somewhere. Actkinson in question and by Trofim '' I got from someone, that you join the other Families "but Actkinson lied to Trofim. Maskman coming towards Trofim they talked about Actkinson, Trofim Then talk to maskman" We do not need a guy like this ". Trofim immediately issued his weapon pointing a gun to the head Actkinson and kill Actkinson, then Trofim and maskman left Actkinson corpse.

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