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66 Rosement Culdesac Bulls

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Gangs have been around since the early to mid 1900s and activity across the United States has grown to staggering numbers over the years. According to the SAN/GANG, a statewide database maintained by the San Andreas Department of Justice, the city of Los Santos is home to 463 gangs with 39,472 members. Over the years, Latino gangs have been notarized as the largest, with 22, 362 members. Predominately African-American gangs like the Street Gangster Crips, with 10,323 members, and Blood-affiliated gangs, with 5,630. The rest are gangs that have already established themselves within the city as major threats. With new gangs on the rise from the Midwest, such as the Gangster Disciples and the Vice Lords, guns are drawn as natural enemies collide; along with the already established gangs.

Out of the 88 cities in Los Santos, Sixty-six of them report some form of gang activity, whether from a smaller up and coming gang or from a larger well-known gang. With various new and old gangs battling over drug territory, Los Santos has become a war zone recording almost 300 gang-related slayings last year, accounting for 57% of the city’s 515 homicides. While other type declined last year, gang killings increased by 12; 4% over 2003. Furthermore, 172 gang-related killings occurred elsewhere in the county. Residents of well known gang-infested neighborhoods such as Jefferson, East Los Santos, Las Colinas, Glen Park, and Playa del Seville, just to name a few, are in fear as Los Santos embarks on a Gang War that has taken a dramatic turn in recent years.

One 85 year-old Ganton resident by the name of Wilfred Johnson says to reporters at LS Times, “I’ve lived here all my life and never have I felt so threatened by these new ‘bangers or whatever they are… Terrorists on U.S. soil, if you ask me…” Are gang members actually viewed as terrorists? And what is the LSPD doing to combat gang warfare?



The LSPD delivers most of its anti-gang work through “gang impact teams” based at divisions throughout the city. About 360 officers are on the teams, which gather intelligence on gangs’ illicit activities and develop cases against members. The Sheriff’s Department’s anti-gang operation, known as the Safe Streets Bureau, is particularly active in the Willowfield, Ganton, Idlewood, and El Corona areas. One of its key strategies is to focus on the “Shot Callers” who direct a gang’s activity.

One well-known and up and coming gang that has made its mark in recent months are the Gangster Disciples. Various subsets of the gang have affected the city like the Black Gangster Disciples, Savage Heights Disciples (a believed subset of the Black Disciples) and, most recently, the Bulls Street Gangster. The 66 Rosement Culdesac Bulls (RCB) is a subset of the Street Gangster Nation, who are under the Crips and Bloods alliance, that operating from Birmingham in the 1990s. Each set of the GDN identifies themselves by cipher, such as “274” for “BGD” or “974” for “IGD”; “I” being the 9th letter of the alphabet. Although, not much is known about the subset, the LSPD has beliefs that the well-known has migrated their operations to Los Santos.
The Chicago street gang was formed when Rax “kingz” Barksdale, leader of the RCB. Rex is the leader from a long time.

With the increase in gang activity, Los Santos citizens suffer due to gang-related violence which fuels many of the homicides. Most of the murder victims are teenagers ranging from as young
as 13 to as old as 18 and even older. These young teenagers are usually “Outsiders” or “Soldiers” of the gangs. Either way, Los Santos’ youth of today is rapidly being lost to gang warfare causing an even bigger concern in neighborhoods. With the new and old gangs consuming the youth into the lifestyle, there is only a matter of time before the city of Los Santos has a major downwards spiral.




Early March, 2012
Harlem, New York, 5:30 am


It was a Tuesday or Thursday and I had just been released from the sh*thole they call Riker’s Island; Some Island that was. “Have nice time in paradise, Dizzy. I hope you enjoy your stay” is the last thing I heard from Detective from SAPD, before he slammed the cold prison bars into my face. I had been on the streets for years, making a name for myself, trying to keep my family afloat since age 11.


I was tired and besides that I could barely understand the 40-something Officer who sounded like he fresh off a boat from Russia. I had to leave. After all my years of “putting in work”, or rather being forced to, I knew we need a fresh start; all four of us did. My brothers, I mean. It was roughly around 5:30 am and I had at least 30 minutes or so before the irritating, almost unbearable, sounds of the cheap Family Dollar alarm clock that sat on my parent’s bedroom dresser drawer rang aloud; awaking everyone within range to hear. I headed towards the closet, stumbling the dark occasionally, rummaging through the  “Priceless Family Valuables” (as my mother called them). Finding the cheap suitcases which had been packed a couple weeks before, I lightly kicked  Epharaim off the bed. “Time to go” was all I said and without a single word we exited the projects that we resided in.

Dear Mom,
I’m leaving. Not sure where I’m headed; I have Ephraim.


12:40 pm, Thousands of feet in the air,
Delta Airways, Flight 249

I had been up for about 7 hours and 10 mins. not counting the some two to three hours I had been up pacing within in the four confining walls of my apartment. My mind could help but become doubtful about a move several miles away. But it was too late to dwell on those thoughts, I had to make this move seem as “normal” as possible; at least for E’s sake anyways. Even so, I had to find an alternative for money just in-case this music thing didn’t take off. Keeping legit would be a must, as I’m only getting older. Besides with this “fresh” start, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue ‘banging. I mean I was born into the gang. I figured I should try to go “straight”, start a family and try to steer my brother away from being like me. At least…those were my intentions. “Sir…Would you enjoy some complimentary peanuts and water?” “Yeah, sure,” I said to the “too-friendly” flight attendant who appeared to be undressing me with her eyes, as she smiled attempting to re-assure me it was nothing more than her admiring me. Shit, If she stared any harder her “beauty mark” would turn ugily; luckily, she didn’t look half bad…I’d give her a seven and a half. Although, music was supposedly my new hustle, I had feeling I’d find my way back to the streets in this new city. It was all a little too much, as I placed my ear buds from iPod Touch into my ears, listening to music until, eventually insomnia won me over.

Early Decemeber, 2008
Mr. White’s Market & 99 Cents Store, Brooklyn New York

“Alrigh’, y’all nigga’s remember…Don’t shoot anyone. Just a simple lick, Trill…” “Yeah, Yeah. We know, Dizzy.” The plan was simple and easy. We packed light: Two USP .45’s, One Glock 17 with extended magazine, and a Remington 12-gauge with buckshots. The decision on whether to mask it or not mask it was agreed on quickly. If we were caught, they wouldn’t lessen our sentence, so what would we need them for. We parked on 34th Street and walked the several blocks to the store, entering in like a normal day. My man Easy was to drive to the back of the store and wait in the alley for us to make our exit through the backdoor. I gave Cartney and Ephraim the “go-ahead nod” and the play was on. Everything was moving like clock-work, the guns were drawn and Ephraim was the door watching for blue birds. “Money. ..Now! ” “Okay, Okay. D-.. Don’t shoot. Alrigh’? I have a kid at home and-….” The signal was given by my simple head-nod that even a fly would think to follow me, but Jay had an itching finger. To make matters worse, The old man had tripped a silent alarm, so the blue birds sirens weren’t too far off-- telling by my ears. At that moment, Jay fired the USP .45 into the chest of Mr. White. Falling backwards into his shined and well-polished glass case of fine wine’s and other assorted goods, Mr. White’s eyes widened like Cuba Gooding Jr’s when he yelled “Ricky”, as crimson red blood stained his white button-down shirt. “SHIT! Wha’ the fuck, Jay!?” I said “Yeah, What the fuck, Jay!?” said Ephraim, who jumped in as my peanut gallery.


“Shut up, E!” The blue birds would be swervin’ through any minute. It was time to make a choice. Jay eyed towards me with horror as he headed towards the front door in the wrong direction, as Ephraim and I ran through the back to the alley, assuming Jay was right behind us. We were wrong. Entering insde the vehicle, all we were screeching tires, and gunshots.
“Insane GD’s! Motha’fuckers!” “Officer, down! Officer, down! Open fire on the suspect”
A few tears passed onto my face, as we heard what transpired not too far from our own
position inside of the vehicle. We had lost another yet homie this year.






The 66 Rosement Culdesac Bulls (66) is a subset of the Bulls Gangster Nation which was started in Chicago. This faction is solely based on neighborhood/community roleplay and something referred to as real-life gang roleplay including: gang traditions, gang knowledge, and gang culture. We just need roleplay as gangster.

Upon roleplaying with this faction, your character is subject to a Character Kill if deemed necessary due to the circumstances of the situation.

1. We able to CK you.
2. Joined here? Just need skill gangster.
3. If you want RP with us? Just take it ICly, please dont make MG.
4. No /b in hood, just /pm only if you want chat OOC.
5. Respect to other player, family, admin and helper team.
6. Please dont make OOC trouble here.


*Note: Mohon maaf jika ada kekurangan, credits: thie, dhelz, etc.

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