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[CN] Airelle_Devora to Aitanna Bazan (Airelle)


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UCP Name: Airelle

Old Character: Airelle_Devora

Old Character Story:



New Character: Aitanna_Bazan

Gender: Perempuan (Female)

Origin: Mexican


Reason for name change request:

Ingin mencoba roleplay baru dengan cerita yang lebih menarik.


Screenshots of '/myid' and '/mp':













CK Story:


Airelle Devora is the wife of Nathan Emmanuel, one day Nathan left Airelle without a word. Airelle's life was going badly because Airelle never worked while she was married. Airelle tried to do any job, being a burger shot cashier was her first job at that time. However, her finances did not improve. She tried to work as a trucker, she took crates of fish and sold them. She tries to do a heavy truck job. Her finances began to improve.

One day, Airelle passed by Verona Beach while working. At that time she saw a food stand selling burritos, she tried to buy them. She brought the burrito to eat at home, the taste of her burrito didn't match her taste. She got annoyed and threw it away. The next day, she went to the food stand at Verona Beach to ask who was selling burritos at that time. Airelle saw two men then asked who was selling burritos. She said the taste of the burrito she bought was not good, she insulted the taste of the burrito and the person who sell it. The two men in front of her looked angry and didn't like Airelle's words, they pointed their guns at her. She was scared, she was told by one of the men there to get into the car.

Airelle was taken to the hills in Las Colinas by three men. On the way, he continued to fight, the man beside her slapped her cheek, Airelle felt tired of fighting. On top of the hill, two men pointed their guns at her, Airelle tried to fight back by kicking the leg of one of the men there, they immediately shouted at her. Airelle was silent, she thought that the man she kicked was an influential person among the other men on there, Airelle regrets what she has done. The two men who pointed their guns at Airelle immediately pulled the trigger and the bullets shot into her body and head, the vital wound she received was very serious, Airelle's eyes closed slowly. Airelle Devora died at that time.


CK Screenshots:





Edited by Airelle
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Sebelum melanjutkan pemeriksaan permohonan CN kamu, saya ingin mengajukan beberapa pertanyaan ke kamu:

  1. Apakah jumlah story anda sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  2. Apakah jumlah SS sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  3. Apakah /mp anda sudah dalam kondisi bersih?
  4. Jenis kasus apa yang anda buat untuk melakukan CK?
  5. Apakah karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara?


PENTING: Harap diperhatikan ketentuan dibawah ini!

  1. Pastikan karakter kamu sudah tidak memiliki property ( isi command /mp harus kosong )
  2. Pastikan karakter kamu tidak memiliki warrant ( bukan buronan SAPD ) dengan status aktif.
  3. Anda harus memiliki cerita yang kreatif dan valid untuk melakukan CK.
  4. Tidak boleh melakukan RP buat CK seperti bunuh diri, kecelakaan, sakit, ataupun hutang piutang.
  5. Story CK harus terdiri dari 300 kata yang terdiri dari 2-3 paragraf.
  6. Jumlah Screenshoot CK minimal 10.
  7. Anda tidak perlu /charity, karena /autocn akan terpotong secara automatis uang anda.
  8. Pastikan karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara OOC.


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