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[CN] Mario_Cortevaz to Takeshi_Nakamoto (mynamerex)


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UCP Name: mynamerex

Old Character: Mario_Cortevaz

Old Character Story:



New Character: Takeshi_Nakamoto

Gender: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: Japan


Reason for name change request:

Ingin megembangkan kemampuan roleplay dengan salah 1 hood yang berbasis ras asia.


Screenshots of '/myid' and '/mp':








CK Story:


     On November 27th, 2023 at 17:58 in the afternoon, Mario had just returned from work after delivering the trailer using a rented truck. When he arrived at home he just carried out his daily activities such as selling narcotics to customers, cleaning his apartment unit and relaxing before dinner. At that time, Mario was relaxing on his sofa while watching the news on his TV, suddenly his cell phone rang from inside his bedroom. Of course He answered the phone, it turned out that the person who called Mario was his father who was currently still in Juarez, Southern Mexico. The essence of their conversation on the phone was that Mario had to leave Los Santos and immediately return to Mexico, because his mother had just died in a bus accident in Juarez. After hearing this news, Mario felt very sad because he couldn't accompany his mother at the last moment. Without much thought, he packed all the things in his apartment into his van.

     After that, Mario would book a ticket to Mexico, unfortunately he doesn't have enough money for the flight from Los Santos to Juarez. Mario is very confused about how to get money as quickly as possible so that tonight he can immediately get to Juarez, whereas other public transportation such as buses and trains take more than 12 hours to get to Juarez. All possibilities had been considered but Mario still didn't get an instant solution to this problem, then he walked to his warehouse and looked at his shotgun which he hadn't used for a long time. Mario thinks that He can get what He wants for free if he uses violence, by robbing. Actually, this is not the first time for Mario, 2 months ago he also carried out an armed robbery at Los Santos Docks Workshop. Mario immediately parked his van at Los Santos Airport, then he went home by taxi to carry out his robbery plan.

     After everything was carefully prepared, at 21:00 Mario carried out the robbery plan in 3 different places using a motorbike, the first at the Santa Maria Beach fishing spot, the second at the Ganton Gymnasium, and the last at 69 Market El Corona. At the first location the plan went smoothly until he entered the second robbery location, namely Ganton GYM. In Ganton, when Mario tried to rob a young man who was dressed neatly, the man immediately took out a Glock type pistol and shot Mario straight in the right arm. There was a gunfight between Mario and the man for quite a while, the gunfire ended when Mario ran out of ammunition for his shotgun. Mario immediately ran out of the GYM, but outside there was already 1 SAPD cruiser waiting. By enduring the pain of being shot, Mario managed to escape from SAPD pursuit. He also managed to hide his shotgun in the trunk of a truck in Playa de Seville. Mario lost a lot of blood which made his vision blurry and he felt very dizzy. He couldn't possibly go to the hospital because there would definitely be SAPD there. Finally he decided to seek help from local residents. When he just arrived around Stadium Pier, Mario was no longer able to continue his journey. He immediately parked his motorbike on the side of the road and limped towards Ganton Street. At that moment he immediately lay on the side of the road and died from loss of blood, then the person who shot him in Ganton immediately approached him. It turned out that the person was a member of the Los Santos police who was not wearing a police uniform.


CK Screenshots:










































Bukti RP dengan SAPD : 


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Sebelum melanjutkan pemeriksaan permohonan CN kamu, saya ingin mengajukan beberapa pertanyaan ke kamu:

  1. Apakah jumlah story anda sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  2. Apakah jumlah SS sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  3. Apakah /mp anda sudah dalam kondisi bersih?
  4. Jenis kasus apa yang anda buat untuk melakukan CK?
  5. Apakah karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara?


PENTING: Harap diperhatikan ketentuan dibawah ini!

  1. Pastikan karakter kamu sudah tidak memiliki property ( isi command /mp harus kosong )
  2. Pastikan karakter kamu tidak memiliki warrant ( bukan buronan SAPD ) dengan status aktif.
  3. Anda harus memiliki cerita yang kreatif dan valid untuk melakukan CK.
  4. Tidak boleh melakukan RP buat CK seperti bunuh diri, kecelakaan, sakit, ataupun hutang piutang.
  5. Story CK harus terdiri dari 300 kata yang terdiri dari 2-3 paragraf.
  6. Jumlah Screenshoot CK minimal 10.
  7. Anda tidak perlu /charity, karena /autocn akan terpotong secara automatis uang anda.
  8. Pastikan karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara OOC.


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