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Bartram_Jacksen [SelametDarasono]

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  One day, April 16 2001, a child named Bartram Jackson was born in the city of Michigan, United States. Jackson is the first child who comes from a fairly wealthy family. His father's name is Derron and he is an important person in a mafia organization who takes care of the organization's finances, while his mother's name is Anna who works at a weather broadcasting station. Jackson has a younger brother named Morgan. As time went by, Jackson and Morgan became children who were difficult to manage because of their parents' lack of attention, they didn't even know their father's real job, all they knew was that their father worked at a company.

     When Jackson was 13 years old, disaster struck his father, namely his father was hit by a mysterious group, he suffered serious injuries and broken bones as a result of being attacked by a group of gangsters, but fortunately his father was still safe and at that time he was being treated at a famous hospital. For several weeks, Jacksen watched his father's co-workers and his younger brother visit, but they felt strange because their father's colleagues didn't look like company people, they only wore suits but had lots of tattoos on their bodies. After 4 years, Jacksen's father recovered completely and they moved to a city called Los Santos. When he was 18 years old, his father taught Jacksen to understand his father's work because Jacksen was old enough to know the dark world out there. Jacksen was very surprised by the work his father did, but besides that, his father's work was very cool. Jacksen studied little by little with his father, but his father forbade his younger brother to know what they were doing.

   As time went by, Jacksen was 22 years old and joined his father's business. In the city of Los Santos, Jacksen was ordered by his father to collect taxes from people who owed money to his father's company in a complex in the Ganton area. A few months later, Jacksen was invited by his father to meet the his father's big boss at the company. The boss praised Jacksen for being loyal to his work and his father's boss promoted Jacksen to an important position in charge of the Idlewood area, including tax collection and drug transactions there.





Character Story Pertama: No

Durasi bermain di JG:RP: 1 - 3 bulan

URL Namechange:

Account UCP yang saya miliki:
Tidak ada


Account Forum yang saya miliki:



Saya Lord Rama selaku pemilik account UCP SelametDarasono bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Bartram_Jacksen) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.

Edited by Lord Rama
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Sebelum melanjutkan revisi, mohon dijawab pertanyaan di bawah ini:

  1. Apakah ini adalah pertama kali kamu membuat Character Story ? (Ya/Tidak)
  2. Sudah berapa lama kamu main JG:RP? ( Kurang dari 1 bulan / 1 - 3 bulan / 4 - 6 bulan / 6 bulan - 1 tahun / 1 tahun lebih / 3 tahun lebih / 5 tahun lebih )
  3. Apakah character ini baru kamu buat atau baru melakukan prosess Namechange ? (Buat baru/Namechange)
  4. Apakah kamu memiliki account UCP selain yang kamu mainkan saat ini? (Ya/Tidak)
  5. Apakah kamu memiliki account Forum selain yang kamu pakai saat ini? (Ya/Tidak)
  6. Dimana tempat kamu bermain sekarang? (Di rumah / Di warnet)


PENTING: Harap diperhatikan ketentuan dibawah ini!

  1. Menggunakan font yang mudah dibaca (Arial, Tahoma, atau Verdana). Font size: 14, dan jangan diberikan atribut berlebihan (BoldItalic, atau Underline)
  2. Pastikan format penulisan Justify yaitu rata kanan-kiri menggunakan tombol image.png pada toolbar di atas.
  3. Tidak boleh ada plagiarisme! ( Silahkan cari di internet untuk plagiarism checker, contoh: https://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/ )
  4. Ejaan, tanda baca, dan grammar harus sesuai dengan standar bahasa yang dipilih (Bahasa Indonesia atau English).
  5. Character story minimal harus memiliki 300 kata yang dipecah menjadi minimal 3 paragraph. 
  6. Gunakan huruf kapital sesuai penempatan kata dan juga yang baik dan benar.
  7. Untuk mengubah story / cerita character kamu, gunakan feature edit yang sudah disediakan:




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email_logo.pngJogjagamers Reality Project
Helper Team
Character Story

Dear @Lord Rama,


I am writing to you in regards of your recently submitted character story, we have reviewed your character story and, as a result, have come to the decision to ACCEPT your request. Please read this guide to activate your character story In-Game via our UCP Website.

We hope that you may use this character story to further develop your character.


JG:RP Helper Team

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