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[CN] Leynar Torres to Gillian Gainsborough (Farelalhasby)


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UCP Name: Farelalhasby

Old Character: Leynar Torres

Old Character Story:



New Character: Gillian Gainsborough

Gender: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: United Kingdom


Reason for name change request:

For the purpose of roleplay and change the development of different characters.


Screenshots of '/myid' and '/mp':












CK Story:


On April 22, 1993, a young man named Leynar "Lora" Torres was born in Juarez, Mexico. People often called "Lora". Lora is the only child of the Torres family. His parents names are Archivaldo Torres and Valentina Torres. Lora traveled to Los Santos, America, because he was having issues with he father. Lora met Jerrald Navarez in Los Santos and worked under his orders. Lora left the job and began working in a restaurant after a few years. Unfortunately, the restaurant went bankrupt, resulting in the abrupt termination of all employees. Lora contacted Navarez again after a few months to reclaim his position. Lora gained a job as a private driver after meeting and talking with Navarez. Lora is still a personal driver from Navarez, and he is unaware of the contents of the packages he is transporting.

At 22:00 p.m., Lora was watching television while thinking about he finances, because he no longer had money to pay the tenant fees, but he remembered that he stuff in the trunk of car, Lora came out of the room and approached he car. When he opened the trunk, sure enough, he had a number of long-barrelled guns and some drugs. After that Lora drove in her car to find people who were interested in her stuff, while he was driving, he thought of looking for black people because black people would like illicit stuff.

In Jefferson he met a black man, Lora talked to him and invited him to get into her car. The black man accepted Lora's invitation, although at first the black man had doubts about her. On the way they both started talking about the illicit stuff, after the conversation ended, the black man agreed to Lora's offer. They were looking for a safe place to start the transaction. After they found a suitable place, they started the illicit stuff transaction, the transaction went quite smoothly, but when Lora got into her vehicle, before he left the black man, Lora and the black man had an argument, after that Lora left him. When Lora was drinking at the Pump bar in Dilimore, the black man suddenly brought his long-barrelled gun, pointed it at Lora and spoke in a loud and emotional tone. Lora asked him for mercy, but he was ignored, because the black man was very emotional, Lora was kicked to the floor and he was shot dead by him. After Lora was completely dead, the black man left the scene.


CK Screenshots:





















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Sebelum melanjutkan pemeriksaan permohonan CN kamu, saya ingin mengajukan beberapa pertanyaan ke kamu:

  1. Apakah jumlah story anda sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  2. Apakah jumlah SS sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  3. Apakah /mp anda sudah dalam kondisi bersih?
  4. Jenis kasus apa yang anda buat untuk melakukan CK?
  5. Apakah karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara?


PENTING: Harap diperhatikan ketentuan dibawah ini!

  1. Pastikan karakter kamu sudah tidak memiliki property ( isi command /mp harus kosong )
  2. Pastikan karakter kamu tidak memiliki warrant ( bukan buronan SAPD ) dengan status aktif.
  3. Anda harus memiliki cerita yang kreatif dan valid untuk melakukan CK.
  4. Tidak boleh melakukan RP buat CK seperti bunuh diri, kecelakaan, sakit, ataupun hutang piutang.
  5. Story CK harus terdiri dari 300 kata yang terdiri dari 2-3 paragraf.
  6. Jumlah Screenshoot CK minimal 10.
  7. Anda tidak perlu /charity, karena /autocn akan terpotong secara automatis uang anda.
  8. Pastikan karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara OOC.


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