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Shawn Douglas "Inside the Badge"

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 Shawn Douglas is a Police Officer from LSPD, started his career placed in Mission Row Division as a Patrol Division, under supervisor also his TO (Training Officer), Officer Chou.

Shawn Douglas missions was to became a Gang officer in Gang Enforcement Detail. Shawn Douglas is the most qualified Police Officer, his appereances was caucasian 5"7 feet male had a thin mustache and a scar on his cheek.


((This thread is about Shawn Douglas' active service to the city of Los Santos as the Los Santos Police Department and also Shawn Douglas' journey to becoming a Gang Officer.))

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3 hours ago, Pamplemousse said:

wow keren banget aku terpana



1 hour ago, Walmond_Theobald said:

Mengkece opiser Shawn

dari dulu.


3 hours ago, scrapplenine said:


berisik depok


9 minutes ago, guru goody goody said:

emang boleh seGANG ini?

metro ga di ajak

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