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[CN] Gabriel_Lonzo to Noah_Pennington (alifmbohdeng)

Khalif Rahman

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UCP Name: alifmbohdeng

Old Character: Gabriel_Lonzo

Old Character Story:



New Character: Noah_Pennington

Gender: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: United Kingdom


Reason for name change request:

Trying a new roleplay with different atsmophere


Screenshots of '/myid' and '/mp':






CK Story:


Gabriel is a foreigner in this city, because he really needs money to pay off debts. He sat in the dead of night, thinking hard about how to make money easily. He remembered something he brought from his hometown, a weapon. He took it from the trunk of the car. He sat back down holding his gun. Looking for a way to sell this weapon, he thought of someone in his head. What he confirmed was that this person really needed a weapon for protection. So he stood up and called someone, negotiations were underway, and they agreed to meet near Willowfield Ammunition. He rushed into his junk car and braved the cold night.

When Gabriel stopped at a red light, he looked for songs on the radio to accompany his loneliness in the car while heading to the transaction location. And when the light was green, Gabriel stepped on the gas pedal and quickly headed towards the location. While Gabriel was waiting, the person Gabriel meant came. His name is Leynar "Lora" Torres, a friend who accompanies Gabriel in this foreign city. When Gabriel showed his gun in front of Lora, Lora agreed to buy it. Using a suitcase filled with money, Lora buys the weapon from Gabriel. Gabriel took the suitcase and put it in the back passenger seat, then they quickly left the transaction location.

Gabriel was relaxing at the bar while enjoying his beer. He sipped his beer slowly while smiling because he got a lot of money. But unexpectedly, Lora approached Gabriel, carrying the weapon he bought from Gabriel. Lora with an angry face confronted Gabriel because Gabriel's specifications did not match reality, seeing a gun pointed at his head. Gabriel panicked and apologized with the alibi that he didn't know about the mismatch in the specifications he provided. But quickly, overcome by anger, Lora cursed Gabriel and then fired several bullets at Gabriel's body. Lora quickly ran away from the shooting incident, Gabriel, who was on the verge of death, whispered, "This is the end, isn't it?" then died horribly with many bullets in his body.


CK Screenshots:





















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Sebelum melanjutkan pemeriksaan permohonan CN kamu, saya ingin mengajukan beberapa pertanyaan ke kamu:

  1. Apakah jumlah story anda sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  2. Apakah jumlah SS sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  3. Apakah /mp anda sudah dalam kondisi bersih?
  4. Jenis kasus apa yang anda buat untuk melakukan CK?
  5. Apakah karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara?


PENTING: Harap diperhatikan ketentuan dibawah ini!

  1. Pastikan karakter kamu sudah tidak memiliki property ( isi command /mp harus kosong )
  2. Pastikan karakter kamu tidak memiliki warrant ( bukan buronan SAPD ) dengan status aktif.
  3. Anda harus memiliki cerita yang kreatif dan valid untuk melakukan CK.
  4. Tidak boleh melakukan RP buat CK seperti bunuh diri, kecelakaan, sakit, ataupun hutang piutang.
  5. Story CK harus terdiri dari 300 kata yang terdiri dari 2-3 paragraf.
  6. Jumlah Screenshoot CK minimal 10.
  7. Anda tidak perlu /charity, karena /autocn akan terpotong secara automatis uang anda.
  8. Pastikan karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara OOC.


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