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[CN] Fuegoleon Winchester to Frecheville Evangelou (Farelalhasby)


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UCP Name: Farelalhasby

Old Character: Fuegoleon Winchester

Old Character Story:



New Character: Frecheville Evangelou

Gender: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: United Kingdom


Reason for name change request:

Trying to create a unique roleplay that doesn't exist in JGRP yet.


Screenshots of '/myid' and '/mp':











CK Story:


Fuegoleon "Fueggy" Winchester, a young American-British man, is a successful businessman who owns a company in London, England. After years of living in London, he moved to Los Santos, America. Because he accepted an offer from his close friend Ellen Frye to become a Human Resources, after a few months he worked at the company, and he was promoted to Internal Affairs Manager by the CEO. However, after a few months, the company went bankrupt because the person holding the finances corrupted the company, and the company closed its services for good.


At night, Fueggy was sleeping soundly in his bed, but then the alarm rang loudly, which made him wake up from his sleep. After he woke up, he felt hungry, so before eating he went to the toilet to wipe his face. After arriving at the bathroom he picks up the face soap and wipes it on his face, and splashes water on his face. When he was done he came out of the toilet and walked to the kitchen. But when she got to the kitchen, there was no food or drink in sight. Finally, he decided to eat outside, in a restaurant.

When Fueggy is driving to the restaurant, he rolls down the window and leans his hand against the window while driving, and feels the vibes of the night. After arriving at the restaurant, he went in and ordered the menu from the waiter. The food arrived, and he ate with gusto and joy. But while he was eating, someone was carrying a Glock.17 type gun and it turned out that the person was a robber, the robber fired a warning shot up because the robber only saw Fueggy as a customer, and the robber approached him. The robber forced Fueggy to get out of his place, Fueggy came out and raised his hands, but Fueggy nimbly managed to take his gun from under his shirt, and they both pointed their guns at each other. Because Fueggy was talking too much, the robber took the opportunity to shoot him directly in the stomach, Fueggy was wounded in the stomach and was dying. Without thinking, the robber ended Fueggy's life by shooting him in the head with a gun, after which he took the money that was in Fueggy's pocket. After taking the money, the robber fled the scene. And Fueggy was pronounced dead.


CK Screenshots:




















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Sebelum melanjutkan pemeriksaan permohonan CN kamu, saya ingin mengajukan beberapa pertanyaan ke kamu:

  1. Apakah jumlah story anda sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  2. Apakah jumlah SS sudah sesuai dengan ketentuan?
  3. Apakah /mp anda sudah dalam kondisi bersih?
  4. Jenis kasus apa yang anda buat untuk melakukan CK?
  5. Apakah karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara?


PENTING: Harap diperhatikan ketentuan dibawah ini!

  1. Pastikan karakter kamu sudah tidak memiliki property ( isi command /mp harus kosong )
  2. Pastikan karakter kamu tidak memiliki warrant ( bukan buronan SAPD ) dengan status aktif.
  3. Anda harus memiliki cerita yang kreatif dan valid untuk melakukan CK.
  4. Tidak boleh melakukan RP buat CK seperti bunuh diri, kecelakaan, sakit, ataupun hutang piutang.
  5. Story CK harus terdiri dari 300 kata yang terdiri dari 2-3 paragraf.
  6. Jumlah Screenshoot CK minimal 10.
  7. Anda tidak perlu /charity, karena /autocn akan terpotong secara automatis uang anda.
  8. Pastikan karakter anda sudah di dalam penjara OOC.


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