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Ornell "MostnellRahD1" Rahd

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     Shits started when a boy named Ornell Rahd and be called "MostnellRahD1" with his close friends on the street. Ornell growing up by his father named Toriq Brown, they both lived at the housing area of 112th Jefferson Avenue Los Santos and thats was the area of a gangshit doing their activity. Ornell's father was drugs addicted when Ornell's mom dead after gives a birth of his son Ornell Rahd, Ornell knows his mom dead when he was 4 years old, his dad tells everything about his mom that he never known before. He likes spending his time alone with no one, expect, a ciggarates and a backwoods, Ornell started consume a cigarattes and backwoods because he feel better when he consume all that shit, and he started have a characteristic of himself, using a Black AirForce 1 was a characteristic of him. He started using a Black AirForce 1 and he being so wild and diffrent, he has dont give a shit & fuck about anyone even his dad, using Black AirForce 1 make him so wild and hotter than before. 


     13 January 2020 Ornell's father dead because of drugs addicted, the news make Ornell being more wild and crazy than before, he lose his mother 12 years old ago & now he losing his the real one and the only one father. 16 Years of his age, he started doing a drugs addiction for a reason wanna be like his father and got depression of his father that's dead. Ornell still lived in the same place when he was born raised & growing up, he had no jobs no bitches no friends, but, he got a Black AirForce 1. 3 Years spending time alone he planned to get other lifes and activity for a better life and better place to sleep and stay.



(( This Thread is about the development of Ornell Rahd how and what is he doing when growing up in the middle of the hood at Los Santos ))

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