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Om Ompong

Black Guerrilla Family ||En el fallo de Los Santos

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Gangster fue fundada por un hombre llamado
Adkins y compañero de estudios llamado James, establecieron esta pandilla porque quieren poder en Los Santos, y ellos también quieren vender mercancías ilegales.



When Adkins and James menjua mechanic stuff in there is someone suspicious as they want to rob, and Adkins rotate toward the back rail and James approached the man, when James mendekatiorang, the person went down and opened fire on James, Adkins was fired at the person that the person is dead, but the James hit shot hand section.
Then Adkins brought James to place Adkins and James get together, then the Adkins treat James.



5u0dqe.jpgAfter James heal and recover, Adkins was invited James to menjua goods back, and Adkins invite James to Fish Factory to sell goods.
when there is someone who is selling the fish, there Adkins thought to rob the man.
And James and Adkins rob these people, when they rob the person, someone came when he saw someone rob that person phoned police.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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