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Arram_Tan [fortiusa]

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     Singapore is a packed country. As one of the main gear of the world's economy, mostly Singaporean are classified as an upper-class society. Despite located in Southeast Asia, most of Singaporean had chinese ethnicity, including Arram Tan. He was born on December 21st 1995 from the wealthy Singaporean-Taiwanese couple Anthony Wan-Tan and Adriana Ing-Wen. Arram had a pretty good live. He was the first child and surely had a sister named Deanna Tan. They both lived in a condo at Mandalay Street. It is located near Balestier in central Singapore. That street is one of Singapore's main street and also a well-lined road undivided by its high-class flats and condoms.

     Arram's body shape is quite thin, spiky hair, and yellowish skin color. Since his childhood, Aram was well educated by his parents. It makes him pass through her primary and secondary school easily. Even though it's not the best grade in his class, Arram has a sufficient amount of achievement for some of the local contest awards. On his 10th birthday Arram received a Handycam as a gift. It is his most memorable gift. His parent gave him because they know that Arram had a good talents of cameraworks technique. His hardworking study bore fruit. In the second year of high school, he had won some film-making and scriptwriting awards.

     Arram graduated from Raffles University of Arts in 2017 with a Journalism and Visual Communication degree with a 3.5 GPA. During his time in college, he joins an Independent Student Press organization. There, he actively voiced the rights of students and makes him quite well-known among lecturers and students. It was there that he began to find out about Los Santos. He sees an opportunity there, where the media and creativity are highly valued. At late 2018 after getting approval from his parents, he flew to Los Santos, following his desirable talents at filmmaking.





Tujuan membuat character story:
Mengakses fitur. Memperdalam perkembangan karakter.


Account UCP yang saya miliki:


Account Forum yang saya miliki:


Berapa lama saya sudah main di JGRP:
2 tahun lebih


Saya biasa main JGRP di:
Hanya di rumah



Saya OsaDamha selaku pemilik account UCP fortiusa bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Arram_Tan) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.

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Sebelum saya menanyakan yang lainnya, apakah anda mempunyai ucp selain ini?

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Beberapa kesalahan :

Beberapa EYD kamu masih salah di paragraf kamu coba di perbaik lagi.

Penggunaan koma masih ada sedikit yang salah.

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To @OsaDamha

I am writing to you in regards of your recently submitted character story, we have reviewed your character story and, as a result, have come to the decision to APPROVE your request. Please read the following guide to activate your link your store to your In-Game account:



JG:RP Staff Team.


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