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Carillo Fuentes De Cartillia

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The Little Story Of Cartillo Fuentes  De Cartillia










[464]Cartillo Fuentes De Cartillia, also known as Vicentro Organization, is a Mexican drug cartel based in Cuernavaca Chihuahua. across the Mexico—USA. Border from El Paso. Texas. The cartel is one of several drug trafficking, human trafficking and other else, organizations that have been known to decapitate their rivals multiate their corpses and dump them in public places to instill fear not only into the general public, but also into local law enforcement and their rivals, the Joaquin Cartel. The Vicente Cartel has an armed wing known as Cuernavaca Cordonia, a Vicente Cartel that usually performs the executions that job it also uses La Coronia gang attack the enemies. The Vicente Cartel was the dominant member on the edge of the city,controlling a large percentage of marijuana, kokain traffic  from Mexico into the Texas and USA. The death of Antonio Gianluca in 1990 was beginning of the decline of the Vicente Cartel, as Carillo relied on ties to Mexico’s top-ranking drug interdection officer based divison on Ciudad Juarez.


Chapter I – In the beginning


In September 1998, the Mexican federal police reported that the cartel is now known as “Nurtelo Cartel”  (Vicente New Era). It is  alleged that the new Vicente Cartel is responsible for recent executions in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua which took many lives. They thought of moving from Mexico to USA but their plan failed because 50 percent of Vicente Cartel was captured by the FBI, they also tried to build a cartel from scratch. They finally managed to gather members, but only the Cartel officials went to the US to develop the business 


Chapter II  - Los Santos isn’t bad too homie

Mr G, Lariad, and Melvin finally arrived on los santos and they try to start their business. Mr G meets with his  friend who  lives  in Los Santos, his name is Luis Salazar, Luis is a former member of Los Zetas in Mexico who lives in Las Colinas  for start his job. But their work isn’t always straight, one day federal police of Los Santos  arrested Melvin on iddleshit because Melvin’s carrying a marijuana from his pocket made a police secure it and arrested Melvin. When Mr.G heard that news, he sent his men for save Melvin from the police there was a shootout who resulted in one of the cartel members dying on the scene but Melvin can escape from the police go to Las Colinas. That incident was’nt a good start from Mr.G, But Mr.G stilwants to try for start their business such as drug trafficking and human trafficking and he chose the Las Colinas as  their home






Out Of Character


⦁    Mengikuti semua aturan server yang berlaku

⦁    Semua recruitment dilakukan secara IC dan tidak ada unsur OOC sama sekali

⦁    Semua Nickname kami terima, tapi kami lebih focus di  Nickname Mexico

⦁    Kami sangat mengapresiasi jika kalian ingin mendalami RP cartel bersama kami

⦁    Dilarang menggunakan  kendaraan sport, karna bertolak belakang dengan RP kami 

⦁    Kami berhak melakukan Force Character Killed kepada setiap anggota jika terjadi masalah IC tertentu

⦁    Dilarang keras menggunakan program illegal apapun tanpa terkecuali


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Copy paste dari google, tolong belajar lagi tentang membuat faction.

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