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  1. Keren ini YAN woy, kirim link cok
  2. 1. level 3. 2. Tidak ada selain, Ilyas_Layn.
  3. Jayden_George Jayden George is the son of a black man, Jahseh George, and his girlfriend, Nichelle George, they are social workers in America. Jayden himself grew up in his hometown, Los Angeles, with his older sister, Ronell George, who is a girl. At that time Jayden was still in junior high school, he really liked music at that time, and he had a friend whose hobby was the same as being a rapper, and his friend named Jevonte Lopez who was the same age as him in class. Jayden and Jevonte first met at a rapper concert in America back then, and that's when they were to
  4. Foldernya ada 5, terus di buka, di copy terus di pindahin ke folder GTA SA nya, satu-satu.
  5. Kemungkinan engga bro, gua ada ni colormod yang sering gua pake, ini linknya : http://www.mediafire.com/file/3zy9z22ujp535id/Happy+Colormod.rar/file
  6. Employee Name: Tom Victony Activity Description: Memasukan tumpukan bawang dari sadler kelumbung.
  7. Semua sudah gua jelaskan di atas, saya sebenarnya tidak ingin membawa masalah ini ke forum, hanya saja ATTITUDE anda yang bobrok membuat saya kesal, dan semua tunggu admin saja yang mengatur semua ini.
  8. STORY Street Racer Underground is a JDM or EDM car club where this club contains members from America and Europe. The club which is located in San Fierro was formed by Tom Victony who was an immigrant from Europe. This club has a background of people who often do illegal street racing, drifting, and illegal parcel transactions. The beginning of this club was because Tom Victony, who was practicing drifting at that time, met three other people, namely Jack Mcdaniel, Ivankov Markov and Zane Caldwell, they became acquainted and friends since then, having often met and trai
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