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  1. Saya selaku pemilik akun Ryu_Watanabe ingin memberikan penjalasan sekiranya penjelasan yang di berikan teman saya agak kurang. Jadi ceritanya setelah saya di pinjamin kapal oleh teman saya saya langsung meluncur ke spot mancing yang high, namun tiba2 setelah saya berhenti kapal di samping saya meledak dan mengenai kapal teman saya ini, padahal bar engine masih banyak namun entah kenapa tiba2 kapal teman saya ikutan meledak. inilah bukti ss yang sempat terambil
  2. UCP lama saya min udah engga saya pake lagi, sekarang lovaseix satu2nya UCP yang saya pakai. Semua UCP saya sudah saya jelaskan di CS saya yang dulu min, Kirain udah di delete yang raze48
  3. Ryu_Watanabe Ryu Watanabe, Osaka, Japan, April 25, 1998, known as Ryu, was born in a middle-class family, son of Matsuyama Watanabe and Toyoda Michiko. he is the same as other Japanese youths in general who make a difference is he is too ambitious in earning money, during his high school he took a side job as a waiter in one of the restaurants in Osaka, in this restaurant Ryu has a best friend, his name is Iseri Tamotsu, in addition to friends in the same workplace they are also in one school, so Ryu often spends his time with Iseri, their activities after school are working. After graduating from school he did not immediately settle in one job he often moved frequently , on average the work he took must be related to driving, because Ryu after being invited to watch racing and trained in driving by Iseri, Ryu became a person who was very enthusiastic about the car because of it that is why he prefers to take work related to driving. Occasionally Ryu tried to join the race using his father's car, Initially he was just racing for fun and practicing his driving skills until one day there were people who were amazed by his driving skills, he was Matsuo Yoshio, he was a person who often raced too here he had a big name many people admired him, that's why Ryu was very happy when he was given a compliment by Matsuo, Matsuo also introduced himself to Ryu, after introducing himself he told Ryu about himself, suddenly Matsuo invited Ryu to leave Japan, he promised to put Ryu on his racing team in Los Santos, he said Ryu had great potential in drive so he doesn't want to waste Ryu's great talent. Because Matsuo has a big name, Ryu gladly accepted Matsuo's offer. The next week Ryu left to Los Santos using by ship even though Matsuo said that they would depart by plane, Matsuo reasoned that using a ship is cheaper and faster than using the plane, Ryu only agreed with Matsuo's words, after a few hours of sailing they arrived to their Los Santos staying in a small cheap hotel, Matsuo said that the trip to the base of his team is still far so it's better to rest first. The next time he woke up Ryu was shocked because Matsuo disappeared he was looking for where Matsuo was while looking for his cellphone to contact Matsuo he realized that his cellphone was gone, when opening the blanket Ryu saw a piece of paper he read the writing, he was very angry, apparently Ryu was tricked by Matsuo, Matsuo only wanted to get rid of Ryu from Japan just because he was afraid of being rivaled by Ryu. when he wanted to go back to Japan he found that the things he brought were all gone, Ryu was desperate to try to live in Los Santos alone, a few days living in Los Santos he felt that Los Santos was not bad too even he was used to living there, he also watched races in Los Santos, he really wanted to race too, because he had been a taxi driver before in Japan he tried to be a taxi driver in Los Santos besides being a driver he sometimes took a side job to add his savings, Ryu tried hard to live in Los Santos. Saya lovaseix selaku pemilik account UCP lovaseix bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Ryu_Watanabe) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  4. Questions Tujuan membuat character story: Untuk membuka fitur yang mewajibkan CS Account UCP yang saya miliki: lovaseix Account Forum yang saya miliki: lovaseix Berapa lama saya sudah main di JGRP: 1 - 3 bulan Saya biasa main JGRP di: Hanya di rumah
  6. Character: Timmothy_Octo Waktu & Tanggal: 03/11/2020 Barang yang dibutuhkan: Flatbed 2 Insu 2 up berisikan Baseball bat dan Shotgun di dalam trunk Saya membutuhkan refund karena: Jadi awalnya saya ingin mengambil crate di Tianmetal namun tiba-tiba ada truck benson yang spawn tepat di flatbed saya yang membuat flatbed saya mesinnya rusak parah sehingga tidak bisa di nyalakan/udah keluar asap, lalu saya menelfon Mechanic untuk menderek Flatbed saya lalu datanglah Mechanic bernama Arturo_Ruggiero @Sikirilek awalnya semua berjalan lancar namun tiba-tiba disaat lewat jalan tol dekat dengan El Corona si Mechanic ngeblink-ngeblink/lag sehingga tiba-tiba membuat Flatbed saya terpental hingga terbalik dan meledak. Berikut adalah bukti yang berupa screenshot / video: Berikut adalah bukti chatlog:
  7. Yes, I know i already checked it. If you give instructions to remove my old UCPs, i will gladly do it
  8. Sorry, I forgot about that old UCP i never thought i'd played at Jogjagamers in 2015 and of course i dont use it either.
  9. I have 2 UCPs 1. Karl_Grenwood ( I dont use it anymore and actually i want to delete it but i dont know how ) 2. lovaseix ( currently in use )
  10. Timmothy_Octo Timmothy Octo, actually no one knows for sure when Timmothy was born. January 17, 1997 is the date Timmothy was discovered by someone who accidentally passed the road in a traffic accident, one car was badly damaged, three people died on the spot but strangely there was a baby who miraculously survived the accident, Timmothy was very lucky, actually this accident happened in a remote area far from city. This incindent occurred when Timmothy's family was on vacation in Indonesia, more precisely on the bali island. The mysterious person who found Timmothy was Eko Iskandar, he rushed to the sound of a baby crying loudly, when he found a car that had been destroyed he did not believe that there was a baby who could survive this incident. because it was impossible to bring all the victims he only took Timmothy who was still a baby, when he got home Eko called police so that Timmothy's family was evacuated and for now Timmothy was cared by Eko and adopted by him. When Timmothy turned 18 years old, Eko Iskandar as stepfather told Timmothy that he was not his biological son. He tells Timmothy that his biological parents are tourists from Los Santos who died in an accident. In Fact Timmothys already knew that he was not the Biological child of Eko Iskandar because of different face types. Timmothy is known to have great driving skills and very good at earning money. Several years passed after Timmothy graduated from high school, he wanted to return to his hometown, Los Santos. At first he worked odd jobs after collecting money he could buy a taxi car to work as taxi driver, sometimes he challanges people to race with taxi car. Because he was not satisfied with the taxi salary he felt was very small, he collected money then bought truck. With his great driving skills he is sure to face the rigors of life in Los Santos. Saya lovaseix selaku pemilik account UCP lovaseix bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Timmothy_Octo) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  11. Questions Tujuan membuat character story: Untuk mempermudah roleplay dan membuka fitur lain Account UCP yang saya miliki: 1. Karl_Greenwood. Iya nama UCP Saya dulu pakai nama IC soalnya dulu tidak tahu kalau UCP bisa pakai nama bebas 2. lovaseix Account Forum yang saya miliki: lovaseix Berapa lama saya sudah main di JGRP: Kurang dari 1 bulan Saya biasa main JGRP di: Hanya di rumah
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