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  1. Dawson

    Felons Brim Lane

    Waktu saya pergi ke thread sangat tekejoet melihat lil medan dan lil padang.
  2. Tunggu saya CK ya botak.
  4. Kalo itu saya tidak tau bang, saya hanya memiliki akun yang ini saja.
  5. 1. Ingin masuk factions. 2. Tidak memiliki UCP lain. 3. Saya hanya memiliki 1forum saya. 4. Sekitar 3tahunan. 5 Warnet.
  6. Character: Isaiah Kingstone Story: Isaiah Kingstone, a man from the United Kingdom, was born into a well-off family, at the age of 5 his mother died because of cravings for lung cancer caused by his addiction to cigarettes. Since his mother's departure Isaiah had never gotten the love of an old man, his depressed father after his wife's departure to become abusive Isaiah had always been his father's outlet, because it was said that Isaiah personality could be broken down Isaiah became very rude to his friends. That's when he began to be shunned by his friends. 7 years later Isaiah was expelled from school for stabbing his friend in a pencil while fighting. At that time his behavior was increasingly becoming a problem. At that time he also fled his house, he preferred to live on the streets rather than with his father who kept on beating him. 5 Years later he flew from the United Kingdom to Las Venturas there, he also joined one of the most feared Gangsters by residents of Las Venturas, Gangster famous because of his cruelty and fury. Because Isaiah cruelty and violence in the space of 2 months Isaiah had become an Insider and an important person in the alley, Isaiah did not hesitate to kill his opponent, until finally in his mission to rob the Casino without Renasan's stale and all of his Gang members immediately entered and ransacked the contents of the Casino and broadcasted all of the Casino customers. The Casino Alarm sounded immediately without their knowledge, Team Swat was in front and knew all of their Plans, Isaiah members ran away and fled leaving Isaiah who was surrounded by Team Swat, Isaiah was captured and imprisonment for approximately 20 years for his actions. Isaiah was imprisoned in the City of Los Santos where he began to think about what he had done during his life. He began to realize and try to improve his attitude, but he must live life in prison. Day after day he passed. Not infrequently other prisoners beat him until his face was covered in his own blood. Namu Isaiah never replied. Because every time he wants to commit violence, he always remembers the Gangang who has betrayed him and especially his father. Finally, Isaiah tried to make a positive community inside the prison. Isaiah tried to help other inmates to do positive things. Isaiah finally realized that helping others and not committing violence was far more soothing. 20 years passed, Isaiah was free and the first thing he did was find a friend, Finally met one of the good people named Ibraheem Omari they both lived life as comrades. Saya Dawson selaku pemilik account UCP flow66xx bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Isaiah Kingstone) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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