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  1. Character: Zachary Blackburn Story: BACKGROUND STORY Zachary Blackburn was born in Manhattan, NY, Zachary Blackburn has parents named Christopher Blackburn and Viola C. Blackburn, his father Christopher was a general in U.S Air Force and his mother was a teacher at Manhattan Carter School, Zachary or Zachy wanted to be a U.S Navy soldier, Zachary school where his mother teaches, Zachary often gets praise from his teachers, Zachary got a friend called Jack Barnaby, Zach and Jack were a best friend, they were playing all day long, but.. one day, Jack left the town and goes to Washington, Zach felt so lonely without Jack, three years after Jack left the town, Zachary's father got killed in the battlefield, Zachary was depression and decided to suicide, but his mom Viola always told him to be strong, Zachary changed himself from a humor person to a stranger, he doesn't talked much to anyone around his neighborhood. U.S NAVY'S STORY Zachary graduated from the high school and got an A, he heard that the U.S Navy Soldier was opened and he tried to join it, he made an application and sent it to the U.S Navy Soldier website, two weeks later he opened his application and saw that he was accepted, Zachary went to the academy and training there, Zachary passed the test and he got accepted in the U.S Navy, he was so happy and feel grateful, Zachary got his badge as Seaman in the U.S Navy, but something went wrong in the U.S Navy, two years after Zachary got accepted, he got a mission from his Commander Patterson, his crew's leader called Capt. Dunn goes to Iraq to completed the mission, Capt. Dunn was told his crew members to not shooting before they permitted by Commander Patterson, but Zachary saw an enemy walking toward him and he felt so nervous, he taked a MK16 and shoted the enemy down, another enemies coming toward the crew members and they was failed the mission because of Zachary, Commander Patterson ordered Capt. Dunn to return his crew to the U.S Valkriye, Commander Patterson met Zachary and asked him for what he did, Zachary apologized himself, but Zachary fired from the U.S Navy Soldier. NEW STORY After Zachary fired from the U.S Navy Soldier, Zachary told his mother that he wanted to moved himself to Los Santos, SA , he wanted to find a better job and lived there, his mother Viola granted him to go because he was not a kid anymore, his mother Viola still lived at VA, Zachary left VA and goes to Los Santos, after he arrived in the Los Santos Airport, he called a taxi and going to Idlewood and rented an apartement to live, Zachary walking down the street and meet some new friends, Zachary and his friends living together in his apartement, Zachary got a side job as a shopkeeper while he waitting for a good job. Zachary Blackburn's Personal Information Race: American. Weight: 60 Height: 195 Tattoo(s): USN tattoe on his right arm. Eyes color: Blue Skin color: White Body type: Mesomorph. Saya Kidman. selaku pemilik account UCP GhostFaceKiller bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Zachary Blackburn) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  2. Welcome back my nigga, hopefully that you won't get hacked again and again!!11!!
  3. thank you, by the way, the picture i posted, it's been 20 minutes ago after Ninou Mofujohn consumed the cracks.
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