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  1. ryangusti

    [COPAS] 14th Bloods Jafferson [COPAS]

    kepada bang @opick saya akan membuat gang yang baru tampa Copas.
  2. ryangusti

    [COPAS] 14th Bloods Jafferson [COPAS]

    Astaga bang @Opick gak ada saya Copas Sumapah Demi allah Ndk adoh wak copas doh da calik lah da
  3. ryangusti

    [COPAS] 14th Bloods Jafferson [COPAS]

    14th Bloods Jafferson the story of the Jefferson era 14th Blood Jafferson was originally formed by Micheal Crophoppers to compete with the influence of Crips in Los Angeles. The origins of the 14th Jafferson Bloods and their rivalry with Crip originated in 2014, where Turquoise street gangs, which were originally a collection, or group, of the Crips, stopped during internal gang wars, and allied with small groups others to find the gang. which will eventually be known as Blood. At that time, the Crip set exceeded the amount set by three for one. To confirm their strength despite differences in numbers, the 14th Bloods Jafferson became increasingly violent, especially against rival Crips. Therefore Turquoise is considered the original founder of Bloods. During the arrival of cocaine, the focus of the gang was transferred to drug production. 14th Bloods Jafferson operates independently of each other, and currently in almost all countries. 14th Bloods Jafferson on the East Coast is often considered affiliated with the Bloods Nation Association, a gang originating from Pulau Rikers. They often hang out in the Jafferson area where the Gang is feared in all of America. 14th Bloods Jafferson refers to the loosely structured association of smaller street gangs, known as "sets", which have adopted a general gang culture. Each set has its own leader and generally operates independently of the others. Most 14th Bloods male member Jafferson African American, although some sets have recruited female members as members of other races and ethnic backgrounds. Members ranged in age from the early twenties to mid-twenties, but several leadership positions continued into their late twenties and sometimes thirties. There are no known national leaders from Bloods but individual Bloods sets have hierarchical leadership structures with identifiable levels of membership. Membership level shows status in a gang. A leader, usually an older member with a wider criminal background, runs every set. A leader set was not chosen but affirmed himself by developing and managing a gang criminal business through his reputation for violence and cruelty and through his personal charisma. The majority of the set members are called "Soldiers," who are usually between the ages of 16 and 22. Soldiers have a strong sense of commitment to regulate them and are very dangerous because of their desire to use violence both to gain respect from gang members and to respond to everyone who " disrespect "set. "Associates" are not full members, but they identify with gangs and take part in various criminal activities. To the extent that women belong to gangs, they are usually members of associations and tend to be used by their male colleagues to carry weapons, drugs,or Protitusesor prostitutes themselves to make money to organize them. Recruitment is often influenced by the recruitee's environment. Bloods recruit many among school-age young people in most African American poor communities. Gang youth membership offers a sense of belonging and protection. It also offers immediate satisfaction for economically disadvantaged youth who see the gang's life trap: gold jewelery, cash, expensive sportswear. set Blood has a loosely ranked structure based on how long someone has been involved with a certain set. Barisan does not mean leadership or dominance over regulating, they only show respect for those who have been set longer and have survived the longest. Those who have a higher ranking do not have an authority position over Blood from a lower rank. Blood with a higher rank is often referred to as "Big homies" by Blood with a low rank. They also refer to each other as "relatives". After someone has joined a set of Blood, it is for life, people cannot leave set or flip to set another. Blood members generally refer to themselves as cks (an initialism of Crip-KIller), mass (an initialism of Mbara of Bloods), dawgs, or Ballers (meaning drug dealers).Bloods members identify themselves through various gang indicators such as colors, clothing, symbols, tattoos, jewelry, graffiti, language, and signatures. The color of the red Bloods gang. They like to wear sports clothes, including the "Starter" jacket team that shows the color of their gang. Some of their favorite teams include the San Francisco Forty Niners, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Chicago Bulls. They are also known to wear Dallas Cowboys clothes, which contain five-pointed star logos. The most commonly used Blood symbols include the number "5," the five star points, and the five crown points. This symbol is intended to show Blood 'affiliation with the People's Nation, a large coalition of affiliates created to protect members of alliances in the federal and state prison systems. These symbols can be seen in tattoos, jewelry, and clothing that members of the gang wear as well as in graffiti gangs, which are used by Bloods to mark their territory. graffiti like this can include the name of the gang, nickname, declaration of loyalty, threats to rival gangs, or descriptions of crimes where the gang has been involved. Blood graffiti can also include the word "Piru" which refers to the fact that the first known Blood gang was formed by individuals from Piru Street in Compton, California. Finally, Blood graffiti might include rival gang symbols (especially those from Crips) that are pulled upside down. This is intended as an insult to the rival group and its symbols. Blood members also have unique slang. Blood greets each other using the word "Blood" and often avoids using words with the letter "C" Finally, signs use Blood's hand to communicate with one another. signatures may be a single movement, such as the letter American Sign Language "B," or a series of movements using one or both hands for more complex phrases. United Nations Blood (UBN) or East Coast Blood initiates often receive dog-foot marks, represented by three points often burned with cigarettes, on the right shoulder. Other UBN symbols include bulldogs and bulls. OOC Rules > Menghormati dan mengikuti peraturan JGRP dan peraturan faction > Gunakan karakter utama kalian > Ini adalah Faction ber-ras America. > Saling menghormati satu sama lain dalam keadaan apapun. > Ketika anda memasuki faction ini, anda harus memahami basic roleplay sebagai gangster kulit Hitam. > Kurangin troll, chat ooc yang berlebihan, dan sikap yang tidak jelas dalam menjali roleplay. > Kami tidak menerima orang yang menjelekan teman di belakang. > Perekrutan adalah sepenuh nya IC, apabila anda memaksa ingin masuk melewati sarana OOC, jangan harap anda bisa masuk. > Setelah anda memasuki faction ini, kami mempunyai hak untuk PK/CK character anda. > Persoalan Screnshoot atau mengedit gambar anda dan izin buat setor ke thread ini harus ada izin dari leader atau petinggi faction, > Kurangin berkata kasar di OOC/IRL > Hargai Admins, Helper dan Volunter.
  4. ryangusti

    [UNBAN][tiak] Jarrett Sneijder [daslym]

    Account sharing udah admin bang ngga tau rules ya sering baca rules udah admin level 1 account sahring ketahuan kebanned minta unban di unban terus dikeluarin jadi admin menangis dah tuh
  5. ryangusti

    [UNBAN][tiak] Jarrett Sneijder [daslym]

    bukan gua lancang bang tapi bang tiak udah admin masih aja melanggar rules kan aneh admin macam apa oitu
  6. ryangusti

    [UNBAN][tiak] Jarrett Sneijder [daslym]

    ya kasih keringanan apa salahnya bg
  7. ryangusti

    [UNBAN][tiak] Jarrett Sneijder [daslym]

    mohon unbanned nya saya masih main di server tercinta ini
  8. ryangusti

    [UNBAN][tiak] Jarrett Sneijder [daslym]

    saya janji pasti melakukan itu pada newbie
  9. ryangusti

    [UNBAN][tiak] Jarrett Sneijder [daslym]

    Kalo saya di unban saya akan berbuat baik di server dan gak bakal ngulangin itu dan kalo saya ketemu newbie saya akan membantu dia untuk belajar Rules.jg-gta.com dan Guide.jg-gta.com
  10. Anjing orang jambi bisa Gathering nih di padang di pantai Carolina gitu
  11. ryangusti

    [UNBAN][tiak] Jarrett Sneijder [daslym]

    udah lama dibuat tapi kata admin tiak kalo lo buat unban lagi gue ban akun forum lu udah ada 5kali gua buat tapi no unban terus
  12. Nama UCP: daslym Character: Jarrett Sneijder IP Address: Diban oleh: tiak Tempat bermain: Warnet Alasan ban: Abuser[Tiak] Kenapa saya bisa kena banned: entah gimana mungkin teman saya iri melihat saya memiliki Business dan dia gonta ganti akun dan belanja di bizz sampai saya yang kena dan saya di banned Permohonan unban: mohon unbanned bang @Tiak cuman itu yang saya minta udah 3 bulan gak main Bukti Screenshot: