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    SS lama cukk belum di post doang :vv
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    ya mantab lah, pala kau aja yang tak mantab
  3. Character: Lamar_Clifton Story: Lamar Clifton, called as LC was born in 24 December 1998 in Los Santos, San Andreas. He living in his Grandfather's house, its around Glen park. He living with his aunty and known as a good person in their own neighboor hood. Lamar got his own boys around Glen park that he used to hanging out every single day. He been knew each others with them boys from Glen park since he was kid, rolling together around the hood like a bunch of gangsta, but they aren't. Lamar used himself to smoking weed almost everyday, his aunty wouldn't get mad because she's the one who was made Lamar get hype with that stuff. Lamar doesn't only smoking weed, he also used himself to sniffing drug named cocaine. Lamar and his boys is known as teenagers with a "thug wanna be" styles, because Lamar and his boys always spot themself around the park, doing hood rat like a banger. Lamar's aunty working a couple block from their home as cashier in nearest supermaket, she's the one who take care of Lamar since Lamar was kid. Lamar is in his late teenagers age have been finish his highschool, he looking for a job everywhere to help his aunty earn some cash to living. Lamar had some drug that he bought from his friend with a cheap price, and then he's re-sell it around his own neighboor hood with higher price. He being drug dealer sometimes when he need money. He also used his closer friend to sold his stuff. In 2019, Lamar have been doing a lot of bad things, but he keep himself as a such ghetto kid when he's infront of his family. After Lamar officialy living in the world straight at his twenty, he's about to leaving all bad vibes in his lifes but his circle is to wild that make he can't move on from everything. He's down for the hood since eight, he knows how to earn cash around the hood with a lot of way, he had a dream to buying a sport car and got a cute girlfriend who always love him with a nice way. Lamar tries to make some movement for himself to get better and better day by day, even if his circle always pushing him to the bad things. All what Lamar had right now is his aunty that take care of him, and his loyals friend around the block. Saya Peanut selaku pemilik account UCP DDAY_OG bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Lamar_Clifton) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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