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    gila suka sih sama yang kreatif gini, ggwp
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    Niles_Shinoda [dhelganteng7]

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    Music EDM/Dance Song

    buat yang suka big room dan ini mixed sama psytrance. W&W and Maurice West for life. ini unreleased btw
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    [OFFICIAL] Trey Block Neighborhood

    tiap lewat hood ini ditembakin hahahaha serasa di jalur gaza pada masanya
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    Chilliad Hideout | Niles Shinoda's IC

    can be locked.
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    Niles_Shinoda [dhelganteng7]

    Character: Niles Shinoda Story: ((Niles Shinoda is potrayed by Chester Bennington. Rested in Peace Linkin Park honored vocalist)) Niles Shinoda was originally born in Los Santos, US, 1994. He was born on a small family whom had a loco-low mechanic garage back then and it was surely an amazing place that was a hit for a loco-low riders and drivers. His father named Albert Shinoda, he was a lead-mechanic also the owner of the garage itself, and his mother was not into the garage too much, she was just the house-hold-worker-wife just like a married-woman normally. Something that became one of the precious moments Shinoda's small family had was when the mother—Jennifer Adelle Shinoda, was currently pregnant, the garage was had an accident and it almost made the garage burnt, and Shinoda's mother herself was trapped inside the house (the garage and the house was in a same place). But luckily, the fire that almost burnt everything inside was quickly cleared out by the local Fire Dept., and even it gave some economic-loss, especially for the garage, it did not matter as matter as the family's safety, as we saw that Shinoda had not ever came yet out to the world. (Picture of Shinoda's Garage almost ended up: March 19th 1994) Time flied real quick knowing Shinoda already attended local Middle School. His personality was not too bad. He was not an extrovert nor introvert, he was just act as calm as 'Shinoda', he was not anyone else. Even sometimes he went to the "teenager naughtiness", he was called to the principal for two or three times, and what made it different was both his father and his mother, they never blamed anything to Shinoda. Shinoda's parents freed him from any suspicious naughtiness, because they believed, Shinoda would kept anything on its line, he would ever not did anything brutallity that would made disappointment, and Shinoda really understood the conditions what their parents wanted. It all kept running on its line and stopped when he was getting to think of what he becomes next. Reached out High School, he had his first kiss with his first girlfriend, he went drinking with his friends for a house party for the first time and made it the longest night ever in his life, he got everything of his sweet and sour of living as a teenager back then. (Picture of Shinoda friends, Shinoda on the right top; left top: James Burrock; left down: Derrick Daniel; right down: Adriel Bennington) It was sunday, but it was gloomy. His father went to the heaven when he was almost reached his graduation for his High School. It was the worst gloomy sunday he ever had in his life. Shinoda fucked up in that time. His mother cried a lot, but Shinoda did not, it was because he never showed it. Day-by-day he tried to kept moving because he had to. After the graduation and he was successfully graduated, he just quickly tried to find a job as soon as possible, even he was dreaming to go for a college first before working, but he needed to cancel it all because of the situation. He could not resume the biggest garage of his father had back then because his father was closed the garage about three years before his passing, the main reason was he could not resume it anymore as loco-low was beaten by a sportcar that became huge in 2012-2013, they were such as Lamborghini, Audi, and much more. Unfortunately, his father was really closed it. And it was nothing to be connected to the garage for Shinoda's future. And sadly, two years after his father's passing, his mother had pneumonothorax and it made her had to follow Shinoda's father. It was hit Shinoda's so bad knowing it just two years after his father passing, he had to lost his mother too, it broke everything of Shinoda. After his parents passing, he has to live alone in a small house he had and never moved to anywhere from the incident almost made him never bornt to the world, until now his parents are in the heaven together. Shinoda has to keep moving on as life goes on. He works as a Starbucks waiter located in Downtown, LS, and it is able to fill the daily needs for him alone. Sometimes he goes to his old-mate from the High School and spent the time together. He do not too much into love-story for now on until present. All he needs to do is working alone to fill his daily needs. Who knows the future tomorrow will be. His parents are his biggest motivation and he will not ever give up from anything easily. (Picture of Shinoda plays something inside his Macbook, he is really into music) Saya crossonsight selaku pemilik account UCP dhelganteng7 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Niles_Shinoda) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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    Chilliad Hideout | Niles Shinoda's IC

    Thank you for every compliments I have read. Mohon maaf nggak bisa konsisten upload tiap hari karna ada satu dan dua kesibukan, diusahakan untuk tetap update dengan screenies yang menarik, terima kasih!
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    Chilliad Hideout | Niles Shinoda's IC

    S1: Living As Hunter NOTE: I'm gonna make series of this roleplay scenery of Niles Shinoda. For starting this project also introducing Shinoda, I would like to present you the FIRST series "Living As Hunter", this series would tell you guys about how Niles Shinoda basically living in the mountain. Keep tuning with this page, I am sure next series will be more interested!
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    Chilliad Hideout | Niles Shinoda's IC

    gabisa nembak
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    Chilliad Hideout | Niles Shinoda's IC

    S1: Living As Hunter
  11. CHILLIAD HIDEOUT ((Niles Shinoda IC stories)) PICTURE OF MOUNT CHILLIAD (TAKEN AUGUST 2018) Far away from the city, in the one and only—Chilliad Mountain—whom has been decades off and knownly unactive is now such a great place to stay. This mountain rarely climbed and used as a holiday destination with unknown reason, maybe people too busy in the city? PICTURE OF ABANDONED HOUSE, ASSUMPTED AS SHINODA'S HIDEOUT (TAKEN AUGUST 2018) If you have been cruising this mountain and maybe living for days, you must have met a tough man named Niles Shinoda. People rarely meet this guy, and also he rarely shows himself to the world. He is known been living in this mountain for years, and his actions been really secretly known. Some people opinion says he is only a hunter, some people says he is also a serial killer in this mountain, some also says he is just a poor guy living in a mountain because does not have a house in the city, which one is true? The good things are those people's opinions are true—once again, all of those opinions are true. He is a hunter AND also a SERIAL KILLER. He goes to hunt for filling his stomatch almost everyday, he rarely goes down to the town for buying supplies. He loves hunt a lot. But sometimes he goes to the town with his old-harley, of course he would hide his identity. AND then, he is a serial killer, how could it be? PICTURE OF SHINODA WITH HIS RIFLE AND OLD-HARLEY (TAKEN AUGUST 2018) He was a killer back then. But sometimes, someday, he would accept any killing request to person, especially would love do that if it's already scripted to kill a person in a mountain so he would not have to go to the town. He was suspected as a massacre killer and he was prisoned by PD for years, and then when released, he decided to lost himself to the mountain and living here, it's been decades since he released and until now, his present is unknownly, you'll find him as a hunter, but beside him he's a serial killer, be careful. -- (( Serial In Character Roleplay Niles Shinoda, singkatnya dia seorang pembunuh di masa lalunya, lalu sekarang pergi untuk tinggal di hutan untuk lebih menutup dirinya. Sedikit orang yang kenal dia. Karna orang hanya mengenalnya sebagai pemburu, tetapi ia juga masih menjadi seorang pembunuh sampai sekarang. - Segala urusan penyalahgunaan thread ini untuk sarana IC akan dikenakan rules Metagaming. - Mohon maaf jika ada beberapa grammar English yang error karna English masih berantakan. - Saya terbuka untuk siapa saja yang mau beroleplay bersama Niles. - Semoga thread ini bisa panjang umurnya. )) Reserved.
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    [OFFICIAL] The Coonan Connection

    never stop this fucking rave, take it far
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    [REQ] Yussie Fayrouz - ( Chat System. )

    gatau kenapa gw ngakak baca ini. support dah alasannya udah disebutin semua
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    Democratic Party (DEMPART)

    alright gw mau bantunya ooc matter aja di luar roleplaynya wkwkwk, semangat ya
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    Los Santos Builder Association!