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  1. Nama: Meinado Nickname JG: Andrew_McGiew Level: 17
  2. My Rules of Survival (PC Version) Nickname RoS: Fatz21424 Tier: Silver II Nickname JGRP: Andrew_McGiew
  3. @Veys Last. SS display GTA lo. Display yang cocok gua gak tahu.
  4. @Veys Kira-kira, spek gini bakal kuat gak?
  5. @Mariiobilqis_ Kira-kira, spek gini kuat gak?
  6. @Muhammad Alif Kira-kira, spek gini gak kuat ya?
  7. @Hey Plat nomornya gimana? Tetep XYZ998 atau keganti?
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