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  1. Tenang aja gayn bakal Drop ss Kok
  2. Wkwkwkw biar soeltan v:
  3. Rpin atuh bebeb Hoba :V
  4. Character: Darrius_Oaks Story: Darrius Oaks Stories Darrius Oaks was born in and raised Angel Pine by my parrents.Darrius Attended Flint County Vocational High School taking up HVAC-R, leaving Angel Pine for Red County after my graduation, for economic reasons... to be closer to los santos, where it would inevitably be easier to earn a living. When Darrius arrived in Red County Darrius was flatt out broke. From fishing and selling my daily catch at the fish market, Darrius gradually earned enough money to purchase my first vehicle, a '93 2wd Yosemite 1500. Lived out of my truck for awhile, later purchased my first home, a barn outside of blueberry. During my time in Red County, Darrius served as a Lieutenant on the Red County Sheriff's Department, a Captain on the Bone County Sheriff's Department, and a High Seargent on the San Andreas State Police. Eventually my job as a small-town cop just got too hard, emotionaly, to bear on my own. Darrius became a heavy alcoholic, and fell became a very vicious person, a corrupt cop. Me and my buddies on the force would go arround beating down negro's, raping woman, and robbing people at the point of a gun. Because Darrius had police and aperture contacts, Darrius avoided any legal prosecution and was able to keep my spot on the force. Atleast until.... Darrius just stopped showing up to work. Eventually, Darrius just had a complete overhaul of who Darrius was, as a person. Darrius would have out at the bars 24/7, never coming home.... let alone going to work. Because of this, my "friends" at the local State Police Barack's had to let me go. That flipped my world upside down. From being at the bar's so much, Darrius became very freindly with the Red County chapter of the Outlaws MC, a ruthless 1%'er biker gang which, at the time Darrius joined, had just defeat one of their former rivals, the Forsaken MC, and was waging a war against the Motorheads MC. During the heat of the biker war, Darrius dragged my old cop buddy Paul Theo into the gang, who had recently been laid off from the force. Not too long after Darrius recruited him, he was shot down in Montgomery during a violent exchange of bullets by his brothers at the San Andreas State Police. Supposedly he was committing grand theft of auto. Darrius still blame myself for his death. Paul's death caused me to quit drinking, cold turkey. After doing that darrius realised how terrible of a situation darrius had gotten myself into, Darrius was in a gang with a bunch of simple-minded fucks who would throw their life away carelessly in a bar brawl. Darrius came to my senses and left the gang. Darrius took off into the mountains of Flint County, where darrius lived off the land for about 3 months. Eventually Darrius found my way back to Angel Pine. Darrius met up with an old buddy of mine, who saw me while he was driving down main street. Now I'm set up with a job as a paramedic, in the APMS. Let's hope darrius can keep my life straight. Saya blackcool01 selaku pemilik account UCP anti_retard bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Darrius_Oaks) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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