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  1. blackcool01

    The families & gangsters.

  2. blackcool01

    [REPORT] Jaquan_Harrington (Pencemaran nama baik)

    Gini bang kemarin kan dah abang bilang BACK IN-GAME nah dia kok malah bawa ke forum ? kan sudah di sepakati bahwa itu kita selesaikan ingame dan ga usah di panjang lebarkan
  3. blackcool01

    [REPORT] Jaquan_Harrington (Pencemaran nama baik)

    Halo disini saya sebagai terlapor ( Jaquan Harrington) Untuk kepada pelapor: disitu sebenarnya saya salah pm kan disitu sudah saya bilang miss. Lalu setelah admin @Noo Namee menerima laporan report anda di ingame kan katanya back aja Ke ingame dan ga usah perpanjang lagi. Untuk bukti chatlog saya tidak dapat memberi soalnya dari hp. Sekian dari saya terima kasih
  4. blackcool01

    [ID:3][DEALER] Vergas Dealer Flint (German Vergas)

    Employee Name: Jaquan Harrington Screenshot: Melamar Pekerjaan dan menerima kunci duplikat Dealer
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    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips

  6. blackcool01

    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips

    Makasih beb kwkwkwkw anjir lu yang Budjang :v Iya om Btw om maaf soal tadi ya
  7. blackcool01

    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips

    Ya bang thanks
  8. blackcool01

    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips

    gelek :V
  9. blackcool01

    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips

    eh si otong datang :V moga ae tod :V
  10. blackcool01

    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips

    owkowkkw dulu gue di bully sekarang ngesupport :V okwkowkowk BTW thanks all
  11. blackcool01

    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips

    Thanks all :V
  12. blackcool01

    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips

    716th Eastside Neighborhood Crips Jaquan Harrington was born on June 14, 1981 in East Beach, Los Santos to a 19 year old mother and a 21 year old father. His father (Raymond "OG RayRay" Harrington) affiliated with Insane Gangster Crips got imprisoned for two counts of murder in 1994 (Jaquan was 13 years old that time), killing two rival gang members that beated up his younger brother after a House Party in Jefferson, Jaquan's uncle (Bobby "Busta" Harrington) who was affiliated with the PJ Jefferson Crips. The gang of Jaquan's uncle has been feuding with the Bounty Hunter Bloods in Jefferson, after the beating the war between the gangs got worse, involving the gang of his father in the war between the PJ's and Bounty Hunters. As Jaquan's mother (Callista Chevalier) worked several jobs to support him, Jaquan was a latchkey kid and often engaged in mischief on the streets. Jaquan recalled that, as a child, he would hang out in abandoned houses and vacant lots around his neighborhood in East Beach where he would watch adults get drunk, abuse drugs, gamble and engage in pit bull fights.Jaquan stated that after the adults finished the dog fighting they would make the children fight each other. Jaquan participated in these street fights regularly as a child where adults would bet on him and give him part of the proceeds for winning his fights. Jaquan was often the target of older bullies in his neighborhood and, by the age of twelve, he began carrying a switchblade in order to protect himself against older street thugs. Rules Rules IC RULES -respecting fellow members. -can't robbing without permission high rank. -can't shoot without high-permission rank. Permission to Screenshot- If you want to ngepost Screenshot, the required to edit it first.- If you are new member and want to post Screenshot, DESCRIBE PM Forum @blackcool01are the edits of your SS for more selection OOC RULES-All recruitment is done strictly In-character. There is no Occly way to get in this faction.-Once you post screens you are completely agreeing to be Character killed or Ck’d at any time.-Once you join the faction you must follow all rules provided by the at all times, and not following the rules will get you removed from the faction right away.-The faction is mainly an African American gang, but other races are welcome, however it will be harder if your character isn’t African American.-We do not want emotionless, heartless characters. We want you to react in some type of way to everything that happens. We do not want you to be going around committing crimes and having no feelings about it. This does not mean you have to be sad about killing someone or scared about committing the crime you did.-For those who want to develop from a child and grow older with the faction, there's numerous ways you can come about. Just know that making your roleplay stand out is a key factor to this, roleplay as if you would come around a gang in real life. You wouldn't instantly go up to the head of the block and ask them to be put on; you'd actually meet everyone in the community and get to know them. Make friends, get a clique of people to hang around and let your name spread around the hood.-Try to strive and create your character from the bottom, meaning you must try to rp to the best of your abilities.-Please do not use /b, if you really have an Occly question try using /pm to a member if the problem is important.-If you're coming on an alt to try the faction out, be ready to RP fully out on that alt or NC your main unless the faction allows it.-Absolutely no trolling is accepted. How to join with us. -We accept all players without exception, we are here to develop and learn from each other. - Find us with ICly. -Knowing English - You are required to know and understand the concept of African American street Gang roleplay. -Ras american/africa - If you have any questions, criticism or suggestion around faction can direct PM to @blackcool01 - - Crazy thinking about your character development, you have to make your character unique and different from others to be accepted here. We are not accepted for faction jumper.
  13. Nama pelapor: Edgar_Walker Nama pelanggar: Santino_Sarnotelli Peraturan yang dilanggar: Non RP Behaviour Apa yang terjadi: Jadi gini pada saat itu saya sedang berada di pizza stack,terus dia datang membeli makan dan minum.lalu dia tiba tiba kencing di tempat yang salah seperti yang terlihat di Screenshot tersebut. Bukti:
  14. Eh kalian kan udah rob saya sekali terus kalian pergi lagi.lalu saya dan Sia Alrigo masuk rumah temannya, kok kalian tau?Sementara kalian sudah pergi.dan waktu kami keluar langsung ditembak eh. Jadi apa maksud kalian Berteriak "STOP THIS IS ROBBERY"? Bukan kah arti dari Robbery itu Merampok?