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  1. So devastated to hear the occurrence. My main man, you'll always be an inspiration to everyone on your roleplay cirle, the Fire-Department, our small group, and stuff! bound to be back!

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    Nolan " Lanney " Delaney.

    Gua juga masih banyak grammatical errornya mas bingbong
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    Nolan " Lanney " Delaney.

    Thread has been updated. ( Character story )
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    Nolan_Delaney [BalkanGopnik]

    Character: Nolan_Delaney Story: BACKGROUND AND ROOTS. Nolan Delaney was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 24 of June 1982. He's an Irish-American descendant, born to Parents Shaun "Patrick" Delaney and Ellaine McKenna a third generation of the Delaney's family root who lived for the American Dream. Grown up in ghetto neighborhood living alongside with a mutual Irish-American fellow over Cleveland's sub-urban area as many of them working in labor to feed and fill the daily needs. Just like a natural instinct of every human-being Lots of his relatives all over the US started a mafia business to survive from the mad-ruthless world to gain an extra income by doing an unlawful profiting act. Nolan would soon became an Acting boss and one of the founder of the notorious crime group the Coonan Connection, succeeding Abe Coonan who currently lying low due to his aging. Childhood and School life Nolan undergo his childhood just like the others kid around, spending his time with the family, playing and stuff nothing really special and wide of the mark or at least indicating that soon he'll became the local Public Enemy for a kind of inhuman business within his relatives dynasty. Nolan also attended the local school to comply the municipality rules concerned to educational realm. Nolan Delaney developed a mate-ship with the local boys by playing baseball game together. As one of the most reputable athletic boy, Nolan led his School team winning a bunch of tournament in school level. Nolan Delaney has flourished a strong dislike through the African-American descendant around due to his juvenile activity with his friend in a frequent beating up and showdown. For his misbehaving conduct Nolan expelled from school and transferred to a Catholic school a place that he obtained a graduation certificate. Involved in Mafia Business As a young man who oftenly hanging out with older man around his block, Nolan has involved in small-mafia activity such as gambling, Debt Collecting activity and more. He once dreamed to be a muscle within his Mobster group. Nolan quite enjoyed his mafia activity, it's raised up his adrenaline and street knowledge to mold him up into an experienced mafioso/gangster. In his youth age, Nolan Delaney working as an associate for his Uncle Maurice Delaney who soon he acknowledged as his street patron and instructor. In that time, Maurice has already ruled Cleveland Mobster as a top Muscle-man a notable killer and a stand-up guy. Nolan has witnessed a couple of murder, threatening, blackmailing, and many more on his career before his Uncle killed by the State police for a so-called entrapment for a smacks transaction. Soon after his Uncle got iced, Nolan departed from Cleveland to Florida with an intention to find a new prospect in the city. Incarceration Florida, January 2010. The Federal agent, has discovered a Human Trafficking activity around the Downtown Nightclub and Bar presenting an involvement of Irish Mobster within the crime act by contributed in a logistic and and delivery escort. One of the supervisor and leading-man for the act is Nolan Delaney, who has been a State Police target for along time. The Police blow out the act by setting up a trap for such of crime, Nolan Delaney has been convicted into a Human Trafficking provision and sentenced for a 5 years punishment in jail. The case is lifted to the appellate court, but somehow Nolan and his lawyer failed to convinced the judges for his Innocent state. After 2 years in joint, passed through his punishment, Nolan Delaney got a chance to come out from the jail by negotiating with the police to exposed a few name that is involved in a Human Trafficking Act, Nolan without thinking agreed to the negotiation and as result he got a parole and moved out to the Los Santos for a safety reason. Present time and Coonan Connection For his past time dedication within the Irish Mobster underworld, Abe Coonan as one of the prominent Irish Mobster lord who led the Los Santos offered Nolan a day-to-day and promising job to do working as his associate The Coonan Connection based at El-Corona environments alongside with the other fellow, Ed and Keion. According to his mobster career, Nolan prefer the low-key approaching style in business, he also more into a legitimate business that's mixed up with the Illegal one to provide the Crime-fam income. Nolan climbed the Family rank as one of the trusted member by controlling a few front such as debt collecting Industry, Local pub, and protection service working with a pack of his associates known as " Maurice Crew " ( Group Nickname ) Name that he take from the late Maurice Delaney his uncle, while Keion controlling more the Illegal business with his Crew La Brea Bypass. In the recent time, Abe Coonan turn out to be one of the most wanted criminal for the Federal Agent. He's one of the more or less 100 indictments holder due to that reason, Abe's ought to remain lay-low. Nolan succeeded him as an acting boss or in general term known as temporary boss until the heat is finally turned down. Saya SlavicSlava selaku pemilik account UCP BalkanGopnik bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Nolan_Delaney) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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    Nolan " Lanney " Delaney.

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    Nolan " Lanney " Delaney.

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    [OFFICIAL] The Coonan Connection

    Big sorry for the inactivity fellas!
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    Los Santos Def Jam

    Something really important for the Roleplay progress.
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    [OFFICIAL] The Coonan Connection

    Duh, gabisa gabung maap banget ya manteman @eaZYT dan teri sibuk sama keluarga soalnya
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    Nolan " Lanney " Delaney.

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    Nolan " Lanney " Delaney.

    tag akun forum yang bersangkutan dong kak.
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    [OFFICIAL] The Coonan Connection

    Yo. We should thank you more. Determination, and dedication can't even define you well. @whistleblower @eaZYT @Leonis @pejuangsarjana @raihandito @dk9008