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    [SHOWCASE] welcome to the meat show

    clean af
  3. mafia nge tag tembok cok wkwk
  4. Character: Dushane Boufford Origin: United States of America Story: Dushane Boufford is an African-American was born on the 7th of January in 2001 inside of Los Santos, his family lived within one of the notorious hood areas within Los Santos otherwise known as Idlewood complex. Dushane's mother owned a house down at 302nd Garcia Street, he is raised by a single mother due to their parents' divorce while Dushane was young. Several months, and he lost his father to cancer when he was thirteen, and his mother died of cancer when he was 9 going on 10 - and he were put in foster homes but he was not at all comfortable, he also went out through the wall which is quite high. In early June, He is started living on the street. He knew close with Benjamin Banks, he was taught him up to be a tough guy, he chose to join the gang because all of his friends were getting involved with school with and playing sports with the neighborhood. Dushane's uncle tried to get him involved with camps instead but he said, he would always make his way back to his alley. A clique from Ganton is coming to offering some illegal stuff, they got a nice relationship, he is knew close with Sean Hampton is known as Big-Sean, when the MLK' street is a get slumped down and Bemin got arrested by the police, he just really wanted to be alone, that's when Big-Sean said "Man, come on the street yo", they approached him at the street. They knew his parents were dead and they started to hang out with him and made him feel good. He actually wanted to join because he is felt that he would have more power in Crip gang. Nobody could hurt him if he was one of them. Saya Pandaa selaku pemilik account UCP dias12321 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Dushane Boufford) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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    [VERIFIED] 104th Ganton Alleyway

    biarin aja sih, mas sync iri saja jadi orang ng****t
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    [GUIDE] Macam macam jenis Ganja dan tingkatanya

    baru tau kau aku mantap cuk?
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    [GUIDE] Macam macam jenis Ganja dan tingkatanya

    belum pernah alhamdulilah
  8. ubah hotkey aja bang kan bisa