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  1. 𓋹 𓂀 𓋹 𓐓 𓐖𓐖𓐖𓐖𓐖𓐖𓐔 Something much less dangerous but equally troubling - happened at the end of May since Silence Of Berserkers is stepped their game in Red County. Confrontation is a strange thing. It seems to come so naturally in some situations. Arthur Huang told Neil Dixon to send a message straight to Berserkers's base. It's a good decision since it going to show the product of internal circumstances built something like a good prospect like Neil to finish his job. The members of Silence of Berserkers take their reckless act by randomly shooting people at liquor. Glad that Sarchopagus's member can handle the first wave and soon after the recovery, we started a church that taken in another safe place. The only thing which the more advanced can do is to work out, spread, and explain the ideas which suit the requirements and ideals of the group, and contribute to the community strength of the latter by working untiringly on the task of Sarcophagus nothing more. The group is agreed by the plan that they built together and it came up solid and well constructed, fast and clean. But, Arthur Huang the mastermind of the plan is going for improvisation by staying at the scenery (Dillimore bar). He let himself caught by the police and accused himself of murdered 7 members of Berserkers. A solid plan is a necessary but well improvisation going to take it on another level. Right after the shootout ended Tyler who didn't go with the plan is coming by for another improvisation in order to trap Adams by setting him up with carrying an illegal gun and materials in the bag. Long short story Adams be able to get rid of the trap with an unknown process. Until this day, the war between these two Motorcycle club is still going. That is true, and yet there are moments, historical conditions, in which it would prove to be weak, egoistic and wholly untimely to insist upon one's freedom of the territory ownership. 𓋺 𓐗𓐗𓐗𓐗𓉳𓐗𓐗𓐗𓐗𓋺
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